Fashion games continue to be popular, but which are best in 2022?

With the rise to prominence of smartphone gaming has come an all-round vastly improved product overall. As such, gaming on mobile now caters to a wide variety of audiences, fashion lovers included. In fact, away from watching the latest fashion-related videos and snapping up the odd fashionable bargain online, people are playing fashion games.

These types of games generally challenge players to unlock new styles and to combine accessories, hairstyles and makeup in order to accomplish the perfect look. Fashion games are downloaded on both iOS and Android in their millions and compliment popular augmented reality titles such as Pokemon Go, sports games like FIFA, and casino gaming options like poker, which even some of the most famous faces in the world, such as Eva Longoria, enjoy from time to time as featured in this blog on five famous female gamblers. Fashion games certainly rival other products in the space, especially for people who have a keen eye for detail and style. Some games have even been known to partner up with large brands, too.

With 2022 firmly underway, below is a look at some of the top fashion games available on mobile right now.


IMVU is a social-focused release that features chat rooms and a range of other enticing options in order to immerse players into its community of millions. The aim of the game is fairly simple, tasking players to create their own characters and accompanying content before venturing out into the community and sharing it with fellow players. Bringing fashion fans together in a friendly and safe environment, IMVU is a fantastic game.

Fashion Star Boutique

Tasking players with building a fashion empire from the ground up, Fashion Star Boutique challenges players to put together their favourite combinations as they aim to style their way to the very top. Players are in charge of running a boutique and everything that entails, be it designing new ranges, styling particular customers, and mastering specific textiles such as denim. A detailed and incredibly entertaining release, Fashion Star Boutique is well worth experiencing. 

Lady Popular

Lady Popular focuses on the life of a busy female who has to juggle time alongside her partner with her desire to make it in the fashion sphere. Starting out as Lady Popular and having the ability to create their very own avatar, players can select their look and enjoy a range of tutorials as they explore what is a hugely detailed release. Players can venture out into the city and explore the mall or beauty salon, get a tattoo or a piercing, and even unlock various well-known stores in which you can purchase items from. From there, once you’ve snapped up everything you need, it’s time to mix and match your purchased items to create a fashionable look.

Fashion Story

Similar to Fashion Star Boutique in the way in which players have the responsibility of running their very own clothing boutique, Fashion Story is more focused on players becoming trendsetters and thriving business professionals. A game which involves management simulation and various aspects of fashion, it’s a joy to play as you grow your boutique and convert your store into a popular haven for fashionistas. You need to make sure that you’re well stocked up, while also offering the desired trends that are popular at that very moment. Players can also gain experience points that unlock various styles and items.

Other fashion games worth downloading in 2022 are Style Me Girl, City Girl Life, Stardoll, Mall World, Doll And The City, and Oh My Dollz.