Aspiring Male Models: 'The Price Is Right' Is Looking for You!

price is right male models
Photo: Twitter

The timeless game show, a staple of many of our preteen sick days, is looking for one male model to join its bevy of "Barker's Beauties" for just a short stint, a week.

(Drew Carey has long taken over from Mr. Bob Barker, but the ubiquitous lady models remain.)

There will be an online competition, and the winner will be chosen in October after viewers vote.

More details to come, but we do hear Stephen Colbert is gunning for the spot. The funnyman tweeted earlier today, "If it helps, I can bring my own gowns."

We might just have to call in sick if that happens. He is really pretty, after all.

Have a friend who would be perfect for this? Share the latest contest news with him right over here.

Tell us: what game show would you like to be on the most?