Disney Dreams Portraits Shot by Annie Leibovitz

walt disney characters annie liebowitz penelope cruz

Photo: Getty Images

Ring my Belle: Jeff Bridges gives beauty Penélope Cruz a boost in a Disney Dreams portrait by Annie Leibovitz.

Fairy tales can come true ... if you’re a Hollywood star.

Penéope Cruz, Queen Latifah, Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, and Alec Baldwin get into character for famed photographer Annie Leibovitz’s latest Disney Dream portrait series, the first since 2009 and the first to include—cue sinister laugh—villains.

“I was excited about doing this project,” Latifah says of her devilish role as The Little Mermaid’s Ursula. “Villains get to have all the fun!”

While Latifah rocks a shock of silver hair and a strapless gown that morphs into wild tentacles, Wilde suits up in a crown and cape as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’s Evil Queen, with a dastardly Baldwin as her magic mirror.

walt disney characters queen latifah

Photo: Getty Images

Queen Latifah makes a splash as The Little Mermaid’s evil Ursula.

“I’ve wanted to work with Annie my entire career,” says Wilde. “I was overwhelmed when I heard I could have this chance. This is such a great idea; to pair some of the most iconic characters from all our childhoods with the photographer who is so good at capturing icons, and that’s why I think this Disney-Leibovitz collaboration works so well together.”

And because every fairy tale needs a happy ending, Cruz dons a yellow gown as she embraces Bridges for a Beauty and the Beast–inspired shot.

And they lived happily ever after ...