Kate Middleton's Fake Pearls Skyrocket Sales Of Imitation Jewelry Line

Photo: Getty Images
Kate Middleton in the earrings at the Queen's Jubilee.

Everything the Duchess touches turns to sold!

Whether she starts an international nude shoes craze, sparks a bolero trend, or causes Reiss to double its profits, Middleton certainly has the royal golden touch.

Kate's most recent fashion frenzy was caused by the earrings she wore to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

And just as Kate is seen in Zara almost as much as McQueen, she accessorized her Jubilee ensemble with fake diamonds.

The Duchess's £48 pearl and cubic zirconia earrings were part of Belinda Hadden's online range of imitation jewelry sold on HeavenlyNecklaces.com.

Once the site WhatKateWore.com identified the fakes, Belinda Hadden's site soared with more orders placed in 48 hours than could be expected annually, according to the Daily Mail U.K.

Evidence of 'The Kate Effect' in full force!