Are Gap and Intermix Joining Forces?

Gap has been struggling to recreate its image for awhile now; but the adorable holiday campaigns, affordable denim, and colorful catalogs just haven't done the trick.

Their latest venture however, just might. 

According to WWD, Gap Inc. is teaming up with luxury boutique Intermix for an undefined partnership. 

"Intermix is currently in discussions with Gap Inc.," Intermix's founder and chief creative officer Khajak Keledijan said. "We are excited to potentially align with this iconic retailer to capitalize on the significant growth potential within the luxury market."

This would not only bring a broader audience to Intermix (which already has 30 stores nation wide), but could potentially offer a different, more fashion-forward clientele for the Gap. 

WWD went so far as to say that this partnership could bring a in-house line for Intermix, which would be a first for the boutique retailer.

"[Intermix] hasn't ruled out the possibility of working with a partner that also has some sourcing experience that can help Intermix launch its own private label. That's where Gap could come in and provide some expert merchandising and retail know-how, whether across the U.S. market or internationally, and even in the e-commerce arena, presuming the parties are able to reach an agreement."

Well, we certainly hope they do! Bring on some chic cozy knit sweater!