Brangelina Tying the Knot This Weekend?! 5 Dresses Angelina Jolie Should Say 'I Do' To

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Brace yourselves, folks. Sources are telling The Sun newspaper that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are tying the knot this weekend at their chateau in France, with family and friends like jeweler Robert Procop—who helped Brad design the engagement ring—flying in to join the festivities.

Of course we'd hate to get our hopes up—the official word is that the group is simply celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of Brad's parents, after all—but that won't stop us from daydreaming about Angelina might wear on her big day. Our money's on Brad donning a Tom Ford tux, but it's anyone's guess to as to whether his missus-to-be will indulge in a fairy tale gown, or stay true to her dark, vixenish roots. One thing's for sure, though. The five designer dress suggestions we've made for her are way, way better than what she wore to her wedding to Jonny Lee Miller: black rubber pants and a T-shirt with her groom's name written in blood. And they say romance is dead.

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