The Man Show: Gucci Celebrates Its Made-To-Measure Creations With ‘GQ’

James Franco and Solange Knowles
Photo: Billy Farrell Agency
James Franco and Solange Knowles.

You couldn't move a foot to either side without hitting an impeccably-dressed man at last night's Gucci and GQ cocktail party at the former's Manhattan flagship. With fashion DJ du jour Solange Knowles on the decks, guests milled around admiring the craftsmanship of some of the real, live artisans for the brand, including a particularly impressive cobbler who crafted shoes in 20 minutes apiece. Those who weren't taking in the demonstration were eagerly awaiting Gucci face James Franco, who arrived fashionably late.

Last night marked one of five events the magazine and the luxury house have partnered on across the country: they previously held bashes in Chicago and Atlanta, and Boston and San Francisco are up next. Brett Fahlgren, GQ's executive merchandising stylist, explained, “Gucci is a longtime partner of ours, so we wanted to collaborate on this event which is all about men’s suiting, and really help get the message out about their beautiful suits for spring.” Fahlgren added, “Made to definitely on the rise. It’s more attainable. It’s a pretty quick turnaround time, and it’s just for those guys who might have a unique size, or even if you’re a 40 regular sample size, the idea of having a tailored suit—no one does it better than Gucci.”

And, we couldn't resist asking, what's the GQ stance on Don Draper plaid? Pro, apparently. “The glen plaid check is a really nice suit. It works because it’s a modern cut. One with [big shoulders] might look like something your grandfather wore, in a bad way. If it’s cut modern and trim, it works with the pattern." Dandies of the world, take note.