Girl Scouts Ditch Fashion, Fitness and Makeup Badge

girl scouts ditching fashion, makeup badges

Photo: ©Columbia Pictures / courtesy of Everett Collection

No more Fashion, Fitness and Makeup badge. News that would have "frosted the cookies" of Troop Beverly Hills.

Sugar and spice and all things nice? That’s what little girls are said to be made of, but don’t forget financial literacy, public policy, and Web design.

In preparation for the Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary next year, the organization’s badges—which scouts earn after showing proficiency in a field—are getting an overhaul.

And one that didn’t make the cut is the Fashion, Fitness and Makeup badge, introduced in 1987.

"We kept some favorites but added new ones that will help girls build the leadership skills they'll need for success in the 21st century,” Girl Scouts’ Alisha Niehaus told USA Today.

Instead, sartorial-minded scouts can earn a “Science of Style” badge that reportedly “has girls explore use of nanotechnology in fabrics and the chemistry of sunscreens.” Bet they don’t teach that class at Parsons.

The young ladies can also earn badges for product design, digital filmmaking, locavore awareness, customer loyalty, financial literacy, public policy, Web site design, and the list goes on, as girl scouts are allowed to create their own badges for other interests they want to explore.

Of course, if they still want a degree in all things girlie, there’s always Modeling Camp …