Women Spend Nearly $800 Post-Breakup, Study Finds

women spend $800 after a breakup

Photo: Getty Images

Love don't cost a thing? Yeah, right! A poll found women spend close to $800 after a breakup.

How do you mend a broken heart? Well, according to one study, with retail therapy—and then some.

The Daily Mail reports that women spend about £500—that’s $782 at current exchange rates—on themselves after being dumped.

We’ve all heard of the breakup haircut, but then there are highlights, a new wardrobe, a gym membership, makeup, manicures, and even spray tans to lift one's spirits.

According to a study by Superdrug, over 2,000 women, more than half polled have completely revamped their image post-breakup. Three quarters of those who were left said the reinvention “helped them rebuild their confidence.” (We feel for that last quarter—particularly after the credit card bill arrives.)

Six percent of the women even turned to plastic surgery in an attempt to feel better about their newly single selves.

But the financial hits don’t stop there. The survey also found heartbroken ladies spending more out on the town to get back in the dating scene, with about 11 percent forking over yet more cash for a dating service subscription.

And we thought a new pair of shoes did the trick.

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