Mankini, Jeggings Added to Oxford English Dictionary

mankini and jeggings added to dictionary

Photos: WireImage; AFP/Getty Images

“Jeggings” (on the Twenty8Twelve runway) and “mankini” (from a McQueen menswear show) have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

The Oxford English Dictionary is finally expanding its fashion vocabulary. Um ... yay?

As the OED turns 100, it’s keeping up with the times by adding “mankini” and “jeggings” to its listings, the Mirror reports.

And while this should improve our Scrabble game, it also lends a certain air of respectability to two somewhat dubious fashion trends: the crotch-hugging, slingshot-style men's swimsuit popularized by Borat, and the slim-fitting love child of jeans and leggings.

The latest edition’s 66,500 words also includes new tech-spawned terms like “retweet” and “sexting.” 

So ... what’s the over/under on “mantie” or “meggings” making the cut next time?

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