New Song "Body" Written About Kate Upton's Curves

Photo: Getty Images
Curvy Kate.

Taking the fashion world by storm, Kate Upton's curves have gotten enough recent press to warrant their own twitter account (hey if Choupette has one..) or even better, their own song.

Giving J.Lo's booty and Beyonce's bootylicious everything a run for their money, Upton's curves have made it to the big time, recently breaking into the music industry.

Upton is the subject of a new song by singer-songwriter Victoria Aitken. Entitled "Body," the song celebrates the female form and was inspired by the way in which Upton is "changing the way we should feel about our body."

Aitken, who has had fashion muses before, wrote a dance track earlier this year about Andrej Pejic entitled Fashion Boy.

"When first reading about some of Kate's earlier crossover coverage from swimsuit into haute couture editorial, it became part of a larger idea about penning lyrics to a song that truly embraces moving freely," Aitken told Fashion Telegraph. "This song is for the Kate Uptons and how they are changing the way we should feel about our body - and she should be celebrated. Get down Kate, you rock!"

"Body" is set for release in January 2013!