Jennifer Hudson Talks ‘No Diets’ and Feeling Like Barbie

Jennifer Hudson
Photo: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage
Jennifer Hudson does not do diets.

If you’ve seen Jennifer Hudson lately, you’ve probably noticed something missing. Something like 80 pounds!

The American Idol finalist and Dreamgirls Oscar winner, who signed with Weight Watchers in 2010, recently penned a book about getting healthy called I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down, which she chatted about at a Good Housekeeping cocktail party on January 10.

“First of all, no diets!” she said when asked for her advice sticking to a healthy New Year’s Resolution.

“Please don’t do a diet. The best way is the healthy way, the natural way. I always say, if it can’t be done naturally it can’t be done by me. At all!”

Of course, she does have a few tips and tricks up her sleeves. “You must always eat what you want,” she said. “When I’m like, ‘dang. I want my chocolate chip cookies and it’s 16 points,’ I’m going to eat at least half of it, but won’t have anything else.”

Another pointer? “When I love something, and I know I [shouldn’t] eat it all, I love to feed other people,” she said.

And the payoff is more than worth it, judging by the way Hudson looked in her second-skin Roland Mouret dress.

“At times I feel like my own little Barbie doll!” she laughed. “I get to dress myself up. At times at night I can’t sleep, because I gotta figure out what to wear tomorrow!

(Now there's a girl we can definitely relate to.)

“I love fashion,” Hudson proclaimed. “There are so many more options now.”