4 Different Elderly Care Living Options Explained

Are you looking into elderly care options for the first time? Perhaps you are researching potential living solutions for your elderly parent and it’s a whole new world for you. The great news is that because there are different levels of care and included features, it allows you to pick something that is perfect for your parent now and gives you solutions to explore in the future as their needs change.

Here are four different, yet common elderly care living options explained so that you can help your parent make an informed choice.

Independent Living

Independent living is the first step in elderly care, so it’s the entry-level option. Because of that, there are minimal changes to the resident's lifestyle. They will have their own space, which means they are setting their own house rules — they just happen to live in a community of other seniors. What makes this such a great option is that it provides seniors with the opportunity to socialize, take part in recreational activities, attend events and seminars, exercise classes and so forth without having to leave the facility. Not only that, but there are trained staff on-hand just in case they are needed. This option is meant for seniors who are still mobile, have the desire to socialize, are physically able to be active, and need very little support.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is the next step up as far as care goes. There is still a level of independence that seniors have, but there is also support provided. Perhaps the resident needs a little help with everyday activities and routines. They may need help to manage their medication, and a bit more prompting to get involved with socializing. They would benefit from more structured recreational and fitness opportunities. What’s great about assisted living is that they still have a private unit, but there is hands-on help as well as a routine/structure that will ensure they can go about their day safely and enjoyably. You can look into options like assisted living in Buffalo Grove at Belmont Village as an example of how it works and what support is provided to seniors.

Short Stay

Sometimes you aren't looking for a permanent living solution but a temporary one. If that's the case, short term stays can be perfect. Not every facility offers this option, so you'll need to do your research.

Memory Care

Memory care is ideal for seniors who need to be monitored closely for their health and safety. It could be that they have the early signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease as an example. The programs are tailored to their needs, taking into account their medical situation. Memory loss can be scary and overwhelming, so it's important to have a memory program that supports them and allows them to flourish in their new environment.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to elderly care living arrangements in a facility environment. Whether your elderly parent is just looking to grow a social circle and have all amenities at their fingertips or they need hands-on continuous care, there are options available.