Which is Perfect for You: Blue Light Glasses or Computer Glasses?

This article will highlight the differences between Blue light glasses and computer glasses, and at the end, you will be able to choose the right glasses to reduce eyestrain. Let’s find out.

What are Computer Glasses?

Computer glasses are specially designed for the magnification ability to give you the correct view of an object near your eyes, such as a computer screen. You can call it another form of reading glasses. Sometimes, reading glasses are also used as computer glasses. Just keep in mind the distance between objects and the eyes. Computer glasses are preferred for the little longer distance of 2 feet to 60 centimeters from the eye to object. It is an average distance to be followed from the computer screen.

How Computer Glasses Protect Your Eyes

The key reason for finding the magnification in the computer glasses is to provide comfort to the eye muscles. These glasses also provide relief from the stress caused by overworking and constant exposure to the screen. If you're a person who spends all day looking at a digital screens and eventually develops eyestrain or migraines, a pair of these specialized glasses will be beneficial to you. 

Reading Glasses and standard distance

Reading glasses are usually dedicated to a smaller length of 40 centimeters, between the observer to the object. However, this distance is decided by the reader. This distance is known as the Harmon distance. According to this, your elbow will hardly touch your tummy while you’re carrying the object. It is considered an ideal distance to look at the reading stuff such as electronic devices or smartphones, or newspapers, etc.

Importance of Blue Light Glasses

Currently, several types of blue light glasses are available on the market. These glasses are designed so that either they have some sort of reflector or anti reflector to change the direction of blue light away from the eyes. You can also find yellow or dark brownish filtered lenses – great for gamers.

The critical function of these glasses is to block the blue light that enters your eyes while looking at electronic devices, digital screens, or LED illuminations. Recently, studies on blue light have revealed that it disturbs melatonin production and directly affects sleeping quality. However, some studies have concluded that blue light glasses can also act as an eyestrain reliever.

Determine the Lens’s Power

You must first calculate the correct lens power for your eyes if you want to reduce eyestrain and find the right pair of glasses. Go to a local eye specialist and have your eyes correctly measured to determine what power value you need. Several aspects will be considered by the eye doctor during the examination.

Blue light glasses are intended to be worn both during the day and at night to shield against the blue light spectrum. When selecting glasses for computer use, make sure they have a blue light filter. With SmartBuyGlasses’ outstanding zFORT® technology, you can get the best blue light blocker at reasonable rates.

A good pair of computer glasses, on the other hand, has the primary goal of decreasing digital eye strain. They'll have an anti-glare coating, a good pupillary distance, and a minimal magnification.