How to Hide the Engagement Ring Before the Proposal

Your partner’s dream engagement ring is now in your possession. Finally, after learning how to pick an engagement ring and shopping around online for engagement rings for women (or men!), you walk away from the jeweler with the box in your hand. The question now: Where will you stash something this important until you are ready to pop the question?

Even if your S.O. had some say and lent a hand in selecting their engagement ring, chances are they want the proposal to be more of a surprise. So whether you brought home an Asscher cut or oval engagement ring, you need to find a good hiding spot where they will never suspect.

Stumped on how to hide the engagement ring before the proposal? Here is a list of six clever hiding spots and tips for keeping the ring out of sight until the day arrives.

#1 Among Your Hobby Gear and Tools

If you have a hobby, hide the engagement ring among your hobby-related gear and tools. If you share the same interests, this might prove trickier. But if you can store it in your personal gear and clothing, your partner will never venture into your stuff for any reason, keeping the ring hidden very well. For example, if you are into sports like soccer or rock climbing, you could hide the engagement ring in your cleats, climbing shoes or inside your helmet or clean chalk bag. Are you the only one who takes the kayak out? Store the engagement ring in a dry bag tucked inside the center hatch. Whatever your hobby entails, evaluate your stashes of gear and sports bags for the perfect hiding spot.

#2 Inside the Lining of Your Luggage

Planning to propose at a special destination that requires a flight or long road trip with your S.O.? Then you’ll need to find a way to hide the ring in the luggage without them discovering it. The first step is to make sure you carry your own luggage, avoiding a shared suitcase where they might accidentally find it. Don’t leave anything up to chance by storing it in a pair of rolled up socks or a shirt. Instead, what you need to do is unzip the lining of the luggage and tuck the engagement ring inside. Your partner will never think to look there for anything! Another bit of advice? If you plan to fly, make sure to pack the engagement ring in your carry-on luggage.

#3 In a Book Safe

Many people keep a hollowed-out book for emergency funds and important personal items. But if you don’t already have this handy secret hiding spot, now is a good time to create one. If you don’t want to pique your partner’s interest, select a boring-looking hardcover book from a local thrift store. Pick up something affordable. After all, you’ll be carving out the interior pages to hide the engagement ring until the big day arrives. However, another option would be to present the engagement ring to them with a meaningful book that you both love or something that is extra special to them. For this method, find a more attractive hardcover edition that can be used forever, storing mementos and keepsakes. Keep in mind that this hiding place may not be deep enough to store the entire box, but it can at least store the engagement ring itself.

#4 In an Out-of-Season Holiday Box

Hide the engagement ring in a rarely-used closet. But not just any closet — the one with all the boxes and bins of holiday-themed decorations. Choose a box of decor from a holiday or season that has passed, guaranteeing the ring is where they’ll never find it. This is a great hiding spot but there is one caveat: avoid storing a delicate diamond in a holiday box that sits in a less-than-ideal climate controlled attic or basement. Diamonds are strong gems, but avoiding extreme temperatures is ideal.

#5 At a Trusted Friend’s Home

If you have a trusted friend or buddy you’ve known forever, let them be a different kind of wingman this time around. Ask them to hide the engagement ring at their place. Of course, this hiding place only works if you live close to one another or they live near the destination where you wish to propose. If this method works for you, keep the ring at their place where it’s safe and secure, retrieving it from them before the big day when you intend to pop the question. You could have a family member like a sister or brother keep it safely at their place, too.

#6 Use a Prop on the Proposal Day

As the proposal day comes closer, you should have some kind of plan forming on how to get down on one knee. Whether it’s to propose at the park, the beach or at home, consider how to incorporate some kind of prop that allows you to temporarily transport the engagement ring to the destination. For example, this could be as simple as hiding the ring at the bottom of a picnic basket, wrapped up in a beeswax wrapper like it’s a treat. You could also fold the entire box inside a beach blanket. Another alternative is to slip it into an empty thermos or coffee mug. Just be sure to wrap the ring in tissue or a soft cloth so it doesn’t make much sound and stays safe inside. There are all kinds of props you could use to hide the engagement ring. Just be mindful of where the prop item is and reach for it before your partner does.

Where Do You Plan to Hide the Engagement Ring?

Hopefully, this list of hiding places inspires you with your own. Just remember: a square-shaped jewelry box is a surefire way to give away your proposal intentions. If you prefer to keep the ring around the house before the big proposal day, hiding the engagement ring sans box might work to your advantage. If you simply can’t find a secure hiding spot in your home or you don’t have a friend or family member to take it for safekeeping, your jeweler can keep it safe until the day arrives, cleaning and polishing it up so it sparkles bright and beautiful when you present it to the love of your life.