What Patients Expect from a Visit to the Dentist

When you own or work in a dental practice, you are responsible for the care of every patient that steps through the door. That level of responsibility means you must provide them with a professional, high-quality service that has them leaving their appointment satisfied. Here are the things patients expect when they visit their dentist.


Kindness is a vital part of a dentist. From being greeted by the receptionist to the moment they leave the door, patients expect to be treated with respect and sympathy. Many patients enter the dentist worried and in pain, so it’s your job to make them feel at ease.

Many patients also value dentists who go above and beyond their work. This means giving special attention to children who take treatment well and even being part of a non-profit organization. Cause marketing for your dental practice goes a long way with building a reputation.


If a patient shows up on time, they expect to be seen on time. While there are days where a knock-on effect of lateness is inevitable, patients expect you to be as organized as you can be about it. Strive to see each patient on time and have their records and any equipment prepared.

An Enjoyable Surrounding

An empty room with harsh lighting isn’t going to make a patient feel comfortable. Provide your patients with a friendly atmosphere by putting magazines out, putting up informative posters, and keeping the space bright and clean. Surroundings are especially important to patients who are uneasy about their appointments.


While dentists aren’t known for being a comfortable visit, patients expect you to make their time there as easy as possible. This means providing a comfortable chair, listening to their requests, and speaking to them calmly and pleasantly.

Professional Advice

While one of the primary reasons patients go to the dentist is to treat their oral health, they also go for professional advice. Make sure you give them useful tips for preventing future problems with their gums and teeth; you could even provide leaflets for them to take home with them.

Treatment that Works

Above all, patients expect to leave the dentist with better teeth than they arrived with. While their mouths might be numb, or they might have experienced bleeding, the overall treatment should have left them with better oral health. This is what dentists strive to do, and you should seek to give the best dental treatment you can from your first patient to your last.

If a patient does experience a treatment that has not worked the way it should, you should always provide follow up care that takes care of any problems. They want to know that your hands and equipment are to be trusted, and your goal is to have them walk away with a sparkle in their smile.

Meeting patient expectations isn’t always easy, but by hiring great, qualified staff and putting effort into your practice and services, your patients are sure to come back time and time again.