6 Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Their Hard Work

It can be easy to forget to show your employees just how much you appreciate them, but from time to time it’s worth letting them know. Here are six ways to show your staff that you appreciate all the hard work they put in.

1: Start a Casual Clothes Day

Wearing a strictly regulated outfit five-days a week can become dull. Let your employees show off their styles by enacting a casual clothes day once a week. Not only will your staff be happy about it, but you might also learn a little more about them! Clothes are a way of expressing yourself, which is something people rarely get to do at work, so starting a casual clothes day will show your staff you appreciate them on an individual level.

2: Bring Food

Corporate gifts can be a wonderful way of showing your appreciation, and what better present than food? Go all out and bring them a luxurious box of chocolates, or a variety of cheese with crackers. Sometimes, the brightest moment of the day is surprise food, so give your staff a mouth-watering surprise with delicious office snacks.

3: Buy New Office Supplies

While a once in a while treat is a lovely thing, sometimes the best gift can be just making day-to-day life easier. Perhaps your printer is running on its last legs, or the chairs in the office could do with upgrading, or maybe you just want to treat your staff to a luxurious coffee-making machine – whatever it is, show your appreciation by supplying them with something they will use every workday.

4: Plan a Staff Meal

A staff meal out doesn’t have to be reserved for Christmas. Hosting a staff meal will allow you and your employees to talk on a personal level over delicious food. A meal out might be something your staff doesn’t do very often, so taking them to a restaurant will show them that they deserve a good time after all the work they’ve put in.

5: Host a Giveaway

Make sure your staff knows that no good deed goes unnoticed. If you have had a particularly good quarter or your workers are more focused than usual, then show that you’ve noticed by hosting a giveaway. Come up with a great prize that everyone will want to get their hands on and decide on a fun way for someone to win. You could host a fancy-dress day and choose the best costume, or stick to something simple like a raffle.

6: Encourage Extra Training

This one may seem like an unlikely choice of a treat, but it shows how much potential you see in your staff. Yes, they will enjoy the food and the trips out, but encouraging them to get some extra training will tell them that you see them as an essential part of the business. Extra training will give them a new goal to reach for and might even allow them to climb the ladder in the business. Telling them you know they’re worth it is one of the greatest gifts of all.