6 Celebrities Who Dominate the Product Licensing Game

There’s something so savvy about the celebrity product line — it acts as a natural endorsement from someone you already know and trust and has the inherent quality of feeling personally recommended. Celebs and their business managers know this better than anyone else, which is why we constantly see brand-new products licensed to our favorite A-listers.

Some celebrity product lines are short-lived, and for good reason, but others manage to successfully capture our attention and loyalty, helping celebrities build brands and launch product lines that stick around. Below, we’ve rounded up eight of the most successful product lines and companies run by celebrities.

●  Sofia Vergara’s Careisma Scrubs — Emmy-nominated actress Sofia Vergara is perhaps best known for her role on the ABC sitcom “Modern Family,” but the TV star actually earns more from her savvy product collaborations and licensing deals than she does from acting. One of Vergara’s own lines, Careisma scrubs, helps nurses look and feel good as they do good for patients. The scrubs are designed to flatter the female figure, foregoing shapeless silhouettes in favor of tailored fits that are still easy to move in. The scrubs also come in a series of bright colors and fun prints that will help any nurse bridge the gap between style and comfort. 

●  Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Skincare — Launched as a newsletter in 2008, Gwyneth Paltrow’ lifestyle brand Goop has — for better or for worse — grown into an influential juggernaut. The newsletter curates an array of products and dishes out advice on a variety of lifestyle topics, including beauty. Given Goop’s focus, it makes total sense that Paltrow eventually launched her own non-toxic skincare line, an extension of her already existing makeup collaboration with Juice Beauty. The products include moisturizer, eye cream, an exfoliating facial, and more. 

●  Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company — If you prefer natural beauty products, you’ll be an instant fan of Jessica Alba’s line Honest Beauty, a spinoff of her business The Honest Company. Honest Beauty offers both skin and hair care products as well as makeup, while The Honest Company provides a wide range of family-focused items, from diapers to formulas to detergent to vitamins. All beauty and personal care products are made to be both effective and safe for you and your family.

●  Francis Ford Coppola Wines — Academy Award-winning film director, producer, screenwriter, and film composer Francis Ford Coppola is best-known for his gangster classic The Godfather, widely considered one of the best movies of all time. But he also owns a winery company, called American Pioneer Wine Growers, which manufactures and distributes wine. Coppola also owns and operates two wineries: the Francis Ford Coppola Winery and the Virginia Dare Winery, both located in Geyserville, California. But you don’t have visit California to get a taste of Coppola’s wines, as many of his vintages are available to purchase at local liquor stores and grocery stores all over the country. 

●  Maria Sharapova’s Supergoop Sunscreen — Tennis player Maria Sharapova was a regular user of the Supergoop sunscreen brand before she became the company’s co-owner in 2014. Supergoop offers a range of sunscreen products to protect both the face and body; the brand also has lines that are specifically designed for kids, as well as mineral sunscreens. The products are all cruelty-free and made with healthy ingredients.

●  Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Home Decor Lines — The Fixer Upper stars have a cult following thanks to their TV show, retail store, and home decor lines. The Magnolia Home collection is available through Pier 1 and features rugs, lamps, armchairs, wall art, and more. The more recently launched Hearth & Hand collection is available exclusively at Target, and includes seasonal decorations as well as timeless home decor that you can use year-round. Both collections show off the minimalist, modern look made famous by the renovation duo. 

Given how many celebrity product lines are debuted each year, it may seem like launching or licensing a new celebrity product is as easy as making a few phone calls. But consider how many lines die out in just a few years, and it becomes clear how hard it is to hit upon a sustainable collaboration that fits well with the celebrity’s existing brand and has the legs to last beyond one collection. These celebrities are largely the exceptions to rule — perhaps other stars should take a page out of their product licensing playbook!