Your Guide to Creating Chic Metal Furniture in 2020

2020 has been one of the strangest years in living memory. Not only did the world grind to a halt for several months, but the people in each country began working from home instead of traveling into work, and staying inside in their free time, too. This has led to many fledgling passions and hobbies – with DIY and creativity up there with some of the most common. This article looks at helping you capitalize on this free time by helping you understand how to make chic metal furniture in your free time this year.

What is Metal Furniture?

While some metal furniture may be currently outside of your skillset to create, this doesn’t mean that you cannot test your skills on a small project right now. For instance, you may one day wish to make your entire set of shelving into an industrial-looking set of pipes and metal plates, but this is an expansive project for which you’ll need preparation.

Metal furniture can also be a simple side table for drinks in your living room or a lamp with a light pitting made from exposed piping. Start small, see how your aesthetic style develops, and continue buying materials and tools, and you’ll be able to work your way up to the more complex projects in the future.

Making a Lamp

So, let’s take a lamp as the perfect starting-point example. How do you make a metal lamp that looks chic and to your tastes without welding equipment and an electrician? Well, it’s simple. You can use Stainless butt weld fittings as the joins to pipes that you set on a base. The base can be wooden, metallic – or anything that you have lying around.

Within the piping, you’ll thread a simple electrical wire, which you’ll connect to a bulb fitting of your choosing. Ideally, this bulb fitting will also be metal – as opposed to plastic. Finally, you’ll fit a bulb at the end of your pipe – and there you have it, your DIY metal lamp.


As you’ll see from the first example, you technically don’t need any tools to create your metal lamp. But, if you’re looking to do some more serious metalwork to complete an industrial-chic interior setting in your home, then you will need to invest in some equipment and tools. Your primary requirement will be simple metalwork tools – which will help you cut and change the shape of metal easily.

But, you may also need to learn to weld – which is something you should take a course in, otherwise you may hurt yourself or damage your home. You should always weld outside, of course, and in a safe environment to avoid fires and damage to your property. With welding skills and equipment, your skills will enable you to create ever-more dramatic and exciting metal art and furniture, which you’ll be able to show off in your home to guests and family alike.

There you have it: a simple way to build up your skills to bring metallic chic into your home in 2020.