Lifestyle Upgrade Tips for Nurses: Improve Your Own Lifestyle While Becoming Better at Your Job

The nursing profession is an extremely demanding and crucial one, but there is little doubt about the fact that it’s a rewarding career at the same time. However, it isn’t unlikely to find nurses getting stuck in their careers, in spite of being in such a lucrative field. As a direct result of reaching career stagnancy, lifestyle upgrades may not be a possibility for a lot of nurses, especially those with a good taste in fashion but a lot of responsibilities to go along with it! Nonetheless, here are some tips you can try out.

Getting Out of the Rut: Upgrade Your Career with an MSN Degree

Maintaining and updating with changing trends require funds, and a salary bump is pretty much guaranteed when you complete a Master’s degree in nursing. However, there are sharp differences in how much you will earn post completion of the MSN, which varies along with the following factors:

•  Area of Specialization: Nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, midwives and head nurses earn the highest salaries

•  Properly accredited online MSN programs from reputed universities are the ones with the best career prospects

•  Experience will always matter and it will play a role in determining your potential salary bump

Perhaps more importantly, MSN programs open up multiple new avenues of employment and promotion opportunities for registered nurses. For example, accredited and reputed online MSN programs in Leadership & Innovation can immediately open doors for experienced nurses to take up better paid and less hectic HOD roles in healthcare facilities across the United States.

Even if the opportunity isn’t there in your current place of work, the severe shortage of qualified nursing leaders in the country pretty much ensures that you will find multiple facilities which are looking for head nurses and nursing directors to provide guidance, form policies, and employ strategies for improved patient care.

Given that even the median salary for HODs and other nursing administrators with a relevant MSN degree is almost touching the $100,000 mark per year in 2020, it would be safe to say that the right online MSN degree can truly upgrade your lifestyle and professional abilities in perfect harmony!

Staying Healthy is Not as Easy as a Nurse as People Might Think

It’s almost ironic that busy nurses, who pretty much are the next most important figures today in direct medical care after doctors, usually have a hard time maintaining their own health! However, the situation begins to make more sense when you take note of the following:

•  In spite of knowing how to maintain health, nurses often simply do not have the time to take necessary measures

•  As there is a growing deficit in the available number of nurses today, the pay is good, but the hours are hectic

•  Being surrounded by illness throughout the day can make it harder to stay healthy

•  Nurses with families often find it extremely difficult to balance their professional and personal life

All of these factors take a toll on one’s appearance and health, which is of course, not what anyone wants in general, but pretty much the last thing on the list of a stylish, trendy individual, irrespective of the profession! The matter can be helped though, with the help of the following tips:

•  Take multiple, short meal breaks throughout the shift

•  It’s easy to say ‘cook your own meals’, but that’s not usually an option most days. However, every healthcare canteen usually has a few healthy items on the menu!

•  Set alarms to periodically remind you to take those breaks

•  Couple those meal breaks with small gulps of water too; hydration is essential for busy nurses

•  If you can’t get your 7-8 hours at night, take small naps to make up for it

•  Study online to reduce stress on your finances, mind, and body

•  Work out on off days, and choose an exercise you actually like

•  Partner up with another colleague so that you can keep tabs on each other’s lifestyle and health

•  Put your own knowledge to use by reviewing your current lifestyle every week

You Can’t Ignore Fashion

As you will more than agree, being a nurse can be a messy affair, and fashion and style are usually not on someone’s mind when they spend a lot of time caring for very sick people who may or may not always be able to control their bodily functions! Does that mean this leaves no room for fashion in a stylish woman’s life just because they have joined the nursing profession? Absolutely not, and we are going to discuss a few intelligent and subtle moves that you can pull off even if you are working in the ER.

•  Use parties and events to show off your glam quotient to the maximum

•  Introduce subtle changes to your hairstyle and stand out from the nursing stereotypes

•  Shoes are not the safest bets to invest in while at work in the hospital, but they can be an excellent way to stand out

•  If everyone is wearing run of the mill scrubs at work, why not add a few not-so-loud design elements of your own?

•  Above all else, ensure that everything you wear is clean, well-fitted and pressed; it’s a professional etiquette that oozes style

•  Get to know the color wheel and utilize the various shades to your full advantage

A lifestyle upgrade is not just about getting a pay bump, getting promoted, or renovating the kitchen again. It’s also not only about becoming more respected as a highly qualified and stylish professional either. Rather, it’s a combination of them all and much more.

A true, complete lifestyle upgrade happens when one feels that they have transcended to a better place physically, emotionally, socially, financially and professionally, compared to where they were before.

We have briefly touched on all of those topics here, and hopefully, they will be enough to help you find your own, complete lifestyle upgrade in the very near future. Being a nurse is a noble profession that requires a lot of time for sure, but a combination of the fact that you can help your patients, your family, and your own self reach a better place in life is more than worth it.