Beginner’s Guide to Planning Your Wedding

A wedding is one of the most treasured events of your life. But your treasured memories come with a cost. Planning a wedding can be quite overwhelming, and there's not one, catch-all piece of advice that can help everyone. People have different periods for planning their weddings. One person may have a year while another may have just a month. You might have five hundred guests on your guest list, or it could just be a small, intimate ceremony.

So even though there is no perfect advice for everyone, there are some general guidelines that can be one-size-fits-most.

No matter what kind of wedding you're having, it is essential to focus on one task at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. Suppose you are in a time crunch. Delegating duties and roles to friends and family would help. Professionals wedding planners can also come into the picture.

How to plan a wedding step by step:

1. Set your wedding budget

The budget is the driving factor to many other decisions that you will make. Therefore, this should be the first thing on your list. It would be best if you decided how much you want to spend on the wedding. Ensure you know the available amount while planning. You can sit down with your parents or married friends to get some inside info and sketch out your budget.

2. Have a list of your wedding day priorities

Sit down with your partner and set the first three essential things on the wedding list. For instance, you can begin with the wedding dress, foods, and beverages, venue, or even the date. Working with the priority list will help you stick to your budget. It makes it easy to identify what to compromise on and what you can’t.

3. Purchase a wedding planning handbook

Purchasing a wedding planning handbook will help you to learn tips and tricks for a wedding. You can know what to do and what to avoid by reading through the suggestions. The guide can also help you to set a few wedding etiquette guidelines.

4. Don’t rush into decisions

You may be enticed by the first florist, photographer, or planner that you can across. However, when it comes to wedding planning, it is advisable to be skeptical about everything and take your time. You should have a few options to choose from as this will enable you to make the right decision.

5. Consider seasons and dates

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to seasons and time of year. However, there are trends. It’s interesting that so many people prefer spring garden weddings or autumn leaves for their venues. It is essential to choose a few dates for the day and be flexible in your choice. This flexibility will prevent you from constraining when booking the venues.

6. Make and finalize your guest list

Do not be overwhelmed when it comes to the identification and listing of your guests. Your parents might have a say here, especially if they have contributed financially towards the wedding. But remember, this day is about you. Create your final list and keep your venue in mind while doing so.

7. Plan the honeymoon

While planning for every other thing, don’t forget the honeymoon because it is essential. Whether you are planning to leave immediately or later after the wedding, choose your location and make your bookings ahead of time.

Get the right wedding dress and other wedding attire

Having the right wedding dress will influence your mood on the big day. A dress is not something that you wake up to go and pick in one day. Browse around different wedding dress stores and research current styles and trends. It can even take months but ensure that you have the right thing. 

Important things to do when shopping for your wedding dress

•  Set the wedding gown budget. Make sure you remember to include this budget in your initial plan. 

•  Do extensive research and keep your budget in mind. If you’re only looking at designer dresses in the five-figure range, but your budget falls short, you won’t have made much progress. 

•  Identify your shopping mates. It is always good to bring along your best friend or sisters if you have one for the shopping. These people should help you in identifying the right dress.

•  Be open-minded. The idea will enable you to find the best option for you without driving yourself nuts.

Your wedding will be totally worth it! Keep this in mind while you go through all the torturous steps of planning. For everything to work well, follow the general plan outlined here. Set a budget, make a list of your wedding priorities, get organized, and consider dates and seasons. When it comes to the selection of a wedding dress, know the various materials used, and be conversant with the pros and cons as well. With all this in mind, you will make the wedding of your dreams a reality.