9 Unique Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out

Are you keen to add some special, unique touches to the interior and/or exterior portions of your home? Interested in steering away from the expected and ensuring that every room becomes a notable talking point when guests come to visit? Here are some great tips for making your home stand out.

Create a cozy reading nook

If you or a member of your family is a bit of a bookworm, you can add plenty of interest and homebody flair to your interior by designing a cozy reading nook. Traditionally, a reading nook should be a comfortable space that is close to or somehow incorporates a bookshelf.

Consider creating one near a window in the living room or in your children's bedrooms. You could use an old bunk bed or a trundle bed in order to cordon off the space and make it extra compact, or you could go the modern route and opt for beanbag chairs. That way, more than one person can get lost in a new story at any given time. Be sure to click here to check out SumoLounge for massive beanbag chairs that are sure to help your home stand out all on their own!

Add a dual indoor/outdoor pool

It is something that you would probably only expect to see in movies, hence the reason why this idea is so awesome! It revolves around installing a swimming pool that extends both indoors and outdoors. You may opt to install a gate or a ‘door' that you can close to separate the water when the temperature is cold outside so that you can still swim inside if you wish. Pool parties will never be the same again!

A man cave

Man caves have been all the rage for a while now, and they are still set to be super trendy throughout 2020 and beyond. They are supposed to be the ideal space in which a man can unwind and enjoy some me-time. Fill it with old-school arcade games, a pool table, a foosball table, and, of course, a gaming station.

A kitchen herb garden

Are you someone who loves trying out fresh new flavors in the kitchen? A kitchen herb garden is perfect for you if this is the case. Seek out the best place for you to put the herb garden – it needs to be a place that soaks up the sun, but is also dry.

Most herb gardens require watering two to three days, or whenever the top inch of the soil feels dry. Be sure to check the soil daily, so your pots contain the right amount of moisture. Also, read up on the herbs you wish to keep: mint and sweet woodruff prefer shade, whereas Mediterranean herbs like oregano love the sun and slightly toasty soil temperatures. Common herbs like basil and fill also prefer sunshine.

Create a staircase slide

This is an amazing idea regardless of whether or not you have kids. There is no need for you to get rid of your actual staircase. Simply build the staircase slide next to it, so that family members and visitors have the option of how to move from floor to floor. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be a ‘tacky’ or childlike addition to your interior; it can be as sophisticated as you want it to be. For instance, instead of a plastic slide, craft it out of shiny wood to match the staircase and complement your already-existing interior décor.

Install a hammock bed

Looking for unique ways in which to spruce up your living room? One creative idea is to hang a hammock bed in the room facing the television. Talk about an interesting way in which to relax after a long, hard day! You will be able to recline and imagine as though you are on vacation somewhere warm and sunny. The perfect mood maximizer and downtime companion!

Include an outdoor bathtub

If your home is relatively private and you have an incredible view, why not consider including an outdoor bathtub? You can get really creative with its design. A natural-looking tub made out of smooth rock or with a wooden frame is sure to fit in with its surroundings. Imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to soak in a hot bubble bath, a glass of wine in hand, while you savor the fresh air and the night’s twinkling stars.

Obviously, keep in mind your region’s weather before taking the plunge with this one. If it’s cold throughout the year, you might want to give it a skip and opt for a Jacuzzi instead.

Transform your staircase into a bookshelf

Low on space but have plenty of books to store? Consider transforming your staircase into a functional and decorative bookshelf. You could turn the back of the stairs into shelves, as well as the side portion of the stairs into a complete bookshelf. Plus, you won’t only have to store books inside it. You can place pretty trinkets and ornaments there as well, helping to add an extra level of interest to your home.

Not keen on a staircase bookshelf? It is not the only way in which to put your staircase to work. You could use the same idea but transform your staircase into a storage solution instead by installing drawers and cupboards in appropriate spaces.

Add a ping pong door

Essentially, this would be a door that could swivel to stand horizontally at will. On the one side, would be a painted ping pong table so that you and your family would always be ready to enjoy a friendly game! It’s a great addition for a house party, too. Just be sure to choose a door in the house that separates two rooms that have ample space and do not contain any breakable, sentimental items. Those ping pong balls have a mind all of their own!

Feeling inspired? Great! Here’s to taking your home to the next level.