5 Hassle-Free Air Travel Tips For San Diego Fashionistas

With an amazing climate and and sublime locations that have provided brilliant backdrops to movies like Anchorman and Top Gun, in some ways San Diego’s cool credentials are beyond compare.

And if you’re a bon vivant and a dedicated follower of fashion, tearing yourself away from chic hotspots like ALTITUDE Sky Lounge, The Rooftop by LTK and the Aero Club Bar might be a total drag.

However, switching up locations for a wild weekend or a longer sojourn will either broaden your horizons or make you appreciate your hometown all the more – either way, there’s little to lose in planning a vibrant vacay somewhere fresh and funky.

SAN has flights to a wide range of legendary locations – you can fly to Atlanta, Zurich and almost anywhere in between.

But if you want to look and feel at your best while you fly, you’ll need to prep perfectly and avoid a few pitfalls.

With that in mind, here are five hassle-free air travel tips for San Diego fashionistas.

1. Stay hydrated

If you want to maintain a healthy constitution, preserve fresh skin and minimise the effects of jet lag, stay hydrated before, during and after your flight with good old-fashioned water.

For more information on topping up your water intake, read these Well+Good hydration hacks from flight attendants.

2. Avoid alcohol

Tempted to have a tipple on the plane? According to the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the low air pressure on a flight thins your blood, meaning that the effects of alcohol can be stronger.

Strong drinks can also dehydrate you, so all in all, perhaps it’s best to stay teetotal and stick with tea, coffee or flavorful fresh fruit drinks.

3. Eat healthy

While you don’t want to pig out prior to boarding an airplane, you’ll need something healthy in your stomach to provide energy while you fly and ensure you’re raring to go once you reach your dream destination.

Nutritious foods that are low sugar and have medium levels of protein are excellent picks, but for a more detailed steer, browse this Skyscanner flight food guide.

4. Dress chic and comfy

A long-haul flight is not the occasion to dress up to the nines, but it’s still possible to look fab and feel at ease in your surroundings.

Leggings, a white tee and denim jacket is a cool ensemble, but you can also opt for pajama trousers and an oversized cardigan for an alternative, while a subtle, self-coloured athleisure suit is terrifically on-trend.

5. Stress-free parking

After you’ve prepped the perfect flying outfit, you might risk arriving looking like you’ve been dragged through a bush backwards then slapped in the face with a full-sized fresh salmon if you decide to get to SAN via busy public transport.

So it’s much smarter to pre-book San Diego airport parking on Looking4.com and cruise to departures in your own ride, with your vacay playlist blasting out and no-one there to bat an eyelid.

That’s our list! Share your own SAN fashionista travel tips in the comments sec