How to Tell a Guy That You Like Him If You Are Shy

Many women are shy, and this is natural for anyone. However, this should not prevent you from expressing your feelings to a guy that you like. The world is changing, and gone are the days when only men could make the first step in expressing feelings for a woman. Even shyness is not an excuse to lose a man with whom you have fallen in love.

Luckily, this article will take you through all the strategies to use to tell him how you feel even when you are shy. The good thing is that these tips will help you to handle this situation without pushing him away. Read on to learn more.

Give Him a Hint

Women are good at giving hints on how they feel about a man. On the other hand, men look for these hints. Giving hints should not be exaggerated to avoid appearing desperate. The best hints include how you look at him, the things that you do for him and much more. Shy women may find this difficult, but one must try to drop these hints. If you make mistakes, there is no need to panic because men are very accommodative.

Become Friends

The best relationship is one that has resulted from a friendship. Therefore, you can befriend a man who you like even if you are shy. As time goes by, you will gain the confidence to tell him how you feel. In fact, he might do it first after realizing that you are fond of him. A friendship where a woman gives a man attention has higher chances of becoming a relationship.

Flirt with Him Cautiously

Flirting is a big hint that you like him, but things can go south if you do it in the wrong way. Most importantly, take some time to get to know what he likes and what he does not. A healthy flirt can result in a serious relationship especially when the woman is in control. You can do this when you meet physically, talk on the phone or even chat online.

Talk to Him

Even if you are shy, you can still talk to a man to tell him that you like him. It is not a surprise with the current generation. Shy women who are bold enough to communicate are rare, and every man will appreciate them. Such a conversation is better when done face to face, but other channels of communication are also becoming acceptable these days.

Buy Him a Gift

Buying a gift for a man who you like will send a big message. If you are friends, he will start to see things differently henceforth. It is ideal if the gift can communicate some message of attraction. Pick gifts that are appealing to a man.

As mentioned earlier, shyness should not come between you and a man who you like. With the above different ways to send a message, starting your dream relationship is simple and possible.