The most stylish places to visit on England’s south coast

The south coast of England has been home to some of Britain’s most famous conquests and historical moments. Its chalky cliffs harbor not only millennia of fossils and maritime history, but also some of the most stunning views of the British coastline. Nowadays, the south coast is the place to be if you want to enjoy fresh seafood and stylish coastal towns. If you want a vacation that’s complete with a view of the sea, a cozy cottage and boutique shops, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous part of the UK.


Hastings has it all when it comes to British seaside towns. Not only is it home to one of Britain’s most famous battles (the Battle of 1066) but it’s also a seaside town with a pier and promenades to stroll along. As well as its commonplace attractions, you’ll also find artisanal coffee producers, which sell a handcrafted cup of Joe like no other. It’s also the ideal place to buy a vegan treat or two while you’re there.

Hastings’ seaside views go on for miles, and you’ll also find plenty of places to stay. If you want to drive along from one coastal town to another, then it’s a great idea to base yourself in a seaside cottage. You will find luxurious and comfortable Hastings Holiday Cottages that make for the perfect place to come back and crash after a long day exploring the coastline.


When Brits think of the word ‘trendy,’ Brighton usually immediately comes to mind. This little seaside town on the south coast is one of the most vibrant seaside spots in the country. As well as being a bastion of progressive culture, it is also a hotspot for boutiques. The shoe brand Irregular Choice started life here, and you can break up your retail therapy with visits to their countless artisan bakeries and coffee shops. In fact, you can even take a tour of chocolate boutiques: What’s not to love?


When it comes to iconic vintage beaches to visit, Bournemouth immediately springs to mind. If you are touring the south coast, and just want a slice of authentic seaside Britain – this is the place to go. Bournemouth has something for everyone. Outdoorsy types will enjoy the vast stretches of sand, and those who would prefer some culture will adore their nearby Victorian gardens. These gardens have preserved many of their original features, making them elegant and incredibly photograph-worthy; ideal for those of us who spend their free time on Instagram. In between trips to the coast, you’ll also find everything from high-street shops to boutiques and designer brands on Bournemouth’s high street.

The south coast of Britain is known for its classy approach to seaside living. Not only is it home to nostalgic seaside attractions, but also plenty of boutiques and places to dine out. You’ll not only find towns that are easy on the eye but are also at the forefront of British fashion and culture.