Tips To Consider For Large-Scale Bridal Parties

Ideally, a wedding should be a once-in-a-lifetime affair, and you want to do your utmost to maximize this event any way you can. It should be remembered. It should be memorable. It should be fun, it should be passionate, inspiring, artful, and everything else. But it should also be affordable, practical, realistic, and accommodating.

If you've got a $25,000 budget, excellent: you'll be able to have a ceremony which matches the
American average—at least, that was the case a few years ago. Inflation and other factors push this number up continually. Not everyone can afford so much, but money may not necessarily equate to
the best ceremony. Sometimes money is a convenience facilitator.

For example, if you don't book venues or officiants far enough in advance, you may have to pay more
for what you want. But if you can make the bookings nine months to a year out, not only do you save,
but you make the overall ceremony a more secure affair. This additionally allows you to have more fun during the honeymoon.

One area where you'll want to consider everything carefully is as regards the bridal party. This is especially true if you're going to have a large group in this category. Following are a few tips to help
you see things develop as you intend them to in this area.

Financing The Affair

Don't make the after-wedding impossible. You're going to have things which must be done once the ceremony is complete. Also, don't forget the honeymoon. A honeymoon registry can be a great way to categorize wedding gifts, but additionally, if your bridal party is too big, it could cut into your budget
for this matrimonial initiation period.

Know how many people are likely to come, and err on the side of caution by planning for more than
you know will be there. Check into group travel, check into group accommodation and associated
rates, and be sure to follow through on as many areas as you can anticipate. Lastly, include a “slush” fund for unplanned situations if possible.


Bridesmaids, flower girls, and others in your particular party will have different needs. Some will be so skinny if they turn sideways, they disappear like a piece of paper. Others will be very robust. You'll
need options for all. The following link can lead you to a place where you can find the perfect plus size wedding dresses. Smaller gowns can be worthwhile, too.

Catering, Desserts, And Entertainment

Catering can be quite costly, but it's the best option for many weddings. You'll want refreshments for your guests. Also, you'll want entertainment for the reception. The wedding is the reason for the gathering, but many of your guests—especially in a large bridal party—will have traveled long
distances, and are likely to stick around a few days.

In India, a wedding is a party that can go on for days or weeks; and this is an eastern tradition which would be well-met in western cultures, was it embraced more often. Until then, design a reception
that's entertaining, refreshing, and includes something for everyone as it's possible for you to provide

Managing A Large Bridal Party

These things are more complicated if you put them off till the last minute than if you carefully plan in advance as best you can. Generally, get items like catering, desserts, and entertainment figured out beforehand, ensure wardrobe needs are met and use savvy planning to finance the whole affair. Such tips should help facilitate even very large bridal parties.