The Nips & Tucks of 25 of the Most Common Cosmetic Surgeries

2. CoolSculpting

Type of treatment: body contouring

The gist: Afraid to go under the knife? Here’s a completely non-surgical bulge-busting alternative to lip. Although docs still agree lipo is better for large areas, CoolSculpting is perfect for small bulges. It works like this: the surgeon places a device, which freezes and kills fat cells, on top of skin in the target area (stomach, love handles and back are most common). The body then metabolizes the iced-out cells naturally and the bulge disappears.

Prep: Most docs will tell you this works best on patients who are already exercising and eating well pre-surgery.

Recovery: Its non surgical so you can literally get this done on your lunch break and head back to work. You’ll see some results right away, but it takes a few months to get the full effect.

How long it takes: 1 hour

Where it takes place: Doctor’s office