Legendary Logos: The Story Behind Fashion's Biggest Trademarks

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In the great words of Dr. Dre, "ain't nuthin' but a G thang." Or a C thing...or an F thing...or in some cases a LV thing.

Labels and logos have driven fashion for decades. How would we be able to spot a Louis Vuitton trunk (be it real or fake) without the signature LV pattern? What would Chanel be without the iconic interlocking C's? And we need not remind you about the current tizzy over Yves Saint Laurent dropping the Yves from their name

While many fashion insiders or counterfeit-hungry tourists only care about the appearance and status of the label, it turns out there's a lot more history behind Gucci's G and Prada's triangle than we ever realized. 

Whether inspired by pubic hair (we wish we were kidding) or designed to appeal to the Royal Family, we've got the scoop behind all those expensive and heavily sought-after initials.