New Book Offers Up Some Little-Seen Kate Moss Images

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Move over, Tupac: Kate Moss was a hologram first.

That would be during the Fall 2006 Alexander McQueen show following her drug scandal, when a ghostly holographic Kate hovered above the crowd. It was an indelible image among thousands: Moss has served as a muse not just to McQueen but to everyone from Karl Lagerfeld and Calvin Klein to Marc Jacobs, Mario Sorrenti and Lucien Freud. Not to mention, of course, scores of regular people.

Kate Moss: The Making Of an Icon, out now from Harper Design, is a must for anyone who's ever wallpapered his or her bedroom wall with tearsheets of the supermodel's visage (guilty.) Author Christian Salmon takes us through the Croydon native's rise to fame, from being photographed by Corinne Day for The Face to walking in every major show you could imagine. Her controversies (the "Feed Me" graffiti that adorned her Obsession ads and so-called "Cocaine Kate" scandal) are examined, but more importantly, we can see her sartorial shape-shifting abilities in action. The woman can really wear anything. And the book contained some photos that even Moss obsessives may not be familiar with. Take a peek in the slideshow above.