4 Classic Shoes Every Modern Man Needs in His Wardrobe

It’s safe to say that appreciation for good design, quality and comfort when it comes to men’s footwear
is to the point of rivalling women’s. Picking up a timeless pair of well-made shoes is, and always will
be, a good investment. It gives you something to take care of and cherish for years to come, as opposed to constantly re-buying cheap shoes.

These days, the men’s footwear market is broader than ever, with every brand offering their unique
take on one silhouette or another. While this healthy competition is good in terms of innovation, it can make it difficult to determine which pair is worth the investment.

In this article, we’ll take a look at four classic shoes that will suit every modern man’s wardrobe. From the unrivalled versatility of the Chelsea boot to the sophisticated and timeless appeal of the Oxford,
here are four footwear investments you should definitely consider.


Originally worn by Native American hunters, the Moccasin was the ideal shoe for stalking prey quickly and quietly. While we don’t recommend them for doing any hunting today, they are a comfortable and stylish option that work especially well for driving thanks to their slim outsole.

The open design of the Moccasin makes them perfect for summer walks and the lack of laces makes slipping them off a breeze. This also makes them an ideal option for trips to the airport, where quickly removing your shoes is important for passing through security.

Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea boot is perhaps one of the most versatile shoes on our list. Everyone from Texan cowboys
to Hollywood rappers has a pair in their wardrobe - and for good reason. Not only does the slim,
elegant design work well with a suit and tie, but the clean lines and slim outsole make them a great option for casual wear as well.

If you’re looking to pick up a pair of high quality Chelsea boots without paying luxury-level prices,
Dune London is your best option. With a clean, slim silhouette and buttery smooth suede, these
Chelsea boots are unrivalled at this price point. Dune London also offers a variety of leather options
with unique designs to suit every man’s taste.


Before the time of roads, boots were a superior option for walking through the muddy pathways of England’s streets. As conditions improved, the Oxford exploded in popularity and has remained a
staple of men’s footwear to this day.

The manufacturing process involved in crafting a quality pair of Oxfords results in the signature range
of color which could make your pair truly unique. And, unlike similar styles of shoe, the Oxford
features a closed lacing system that doesn’t overlap the tongue, resulting in a comfortable and
adjustable fit.


The Blucher is a bit of an oddity on this list, as you don’t hear about them as often as the other shoes mentioned here. However, they’re still a great looking pair of shoes with a rich history in men’s footwear. Commissioned by Prussian General Leberecht von Blucher, the shoe was created with the
idea that it would be made from one cut of leather.

The Blucher is stylish and relaxed without being too casual and features a more unique design
compared to traditional options. You can effectively dress them up or down, though we’d recommend one of the above options for formal occasions.


We have no doubt that each of these shoes will find a place in your wardrobe. Now all you need to complete your footwear selection is a good pair of sneakers and perhaps a pair of flip flops for those beach days. Just please don’t buy Crocs.