Christopher Kane Spring 2013 RTW

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SHOW: Christopher Kane Spring 2013

THEME: Pale colors and bow trompe l'oeils get interrupted by the visage of Frankenstein's monster

ACCESSORIES: large sunglasses, thin colorful belts


Christopher Kane knows how to keep us on our toes.

Quickly, what is the very last thing you'd expect to see on the runway?

If you answered the printed face of Frankenstein's monster, then correct: you've caught a glimpse of neon-happy Kane's Spring 2013 collection.

The odd print was a major sartorial red herring, breaking up the steady train of pale colors- pinks, yellows, greiges- and bow embellishments and trompe l'oeils.

We appreciate a nice tongue in cheek maneuver as much as the next jaded fashion writer, but truthfully, we can't wrap our head around the appearance of Mary Shelley's pitiable creature.

Otherwise, we're very on board with the unrestrained addition of bows, tiny and knotted, adorning the dresses and tops.