John Galliano Spring 2013 RTW

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SHOW: John Galliano Spring 2013

THEME: Go Big or Go Home


OVERALL TAKEAWAY: When a designer tries to be another designer, it never goes well.

In the case of Bill Gaytten and John Galliano, Gaytten is trying to put as much space between him and Galliano as possible. And for whatever reason, it hasn’t been going well.

Sure, the collections at Dior (before Raf Simmons) and Galliano were different, but they weren’t inspired. And while John Galliano’s fashion demise was tragic and cautionary, no one can debate his genius. The industry is always looking for that fresh factor, especially when a new designer has such large shoes to fill.

Honestly, this collection wasn’t at all up to par in so many ways. There were a few beautiful dresses.

But overall, the collection wasn’t consistent. Before one’s eyes could get used to one garment, another flew down the runway that seemed totally different.

If this collection did have a perspective, finding it would be a big task. Gaytten used big silhouettes for dresses with classic prints to almost divert attention from the seemingly poor draping.

The collection wasn’t terrible, but the focus wasn’t there and it showed.