Issey Miyake Spring 2013 RTW

Launch Slideshow

SHOW: Issey Miyake

THEME: Color and Patters Galore

ACCESSORIES: Simplistic belts and sandals.

OVERALL TAKEAWAY: Yoshiyuki Miyamae – designer for Issey Miyake decided to throw a canvas with almost every color known to man onto the runway and see what happens. And you know what – it worked and was brilliant. This collection was youthful without being immature. Jersey is such a versatile textile, that the color and prints were easily translated. This season, it is clear that the Issey Miyake girl is comfortable and expressive enough to try new things.

Models posed a certain kind of way in order to show flaps in the garments. Why? Because most were reversible and had print and color on both sides. How’s that for practical/wearable. This collection was anything but boring – and at times, overwhelming. The garments were so vibrant, that anything simplistic in the collection could have easily gotten lost in translation.

The black and white offerings featured suits and dresses with structure enough to give the eye a break from other colors in the collection. And even those garments had prints that were kaleidoscope-esque. The collection was consistent and did a good job of making a statement that was clear – for Issey Miyake, this season is all about color and prints.