Giorgio Armani Spring 2013 RTW

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SHOW: Giorgio Armani, Spring 2013

THEME: Kaleidoscope

ACCESSORIES: Fascinators, satchels, portfolio clutches, beaded evening bags, flat opera wallets, leather totes, ankle strap heels, oxford shoes, and sparkling bangles. 

OVERALL TAKEAWAY: At first it seemed strange that Giorgio Armani would call his spring collection "Kaleidoscope." The subdued grays and icy blues that kicked off the show didn't seem to have much in common with an instrument that projects bits of material in a psychedelic explosion of color. 

But it took patience to get the full effect...

To splash color haphazardly across the runway and call it "Kaleidoscope" would have been too easy. True, there was more color as the show progressed—the grays turned to blues, which turned to white and black, and eventually back to blue again.

But the real genius of Armani's collection was that it incorporated other elements from the optical device as well. There was the fact that he sent multiple looks down the runway at the same time (though that could have been due to Armani's prolific nature—there were over 60 looks in the show) so that his creations seemed to divide and multiply in the same way that a kaleidoscope can alter its forms as you turn it. 

The layering of dresses over pants (which was similar to what we saw at Prada and Louis Vuitton last season) had the same effect—pieces that could easily be worn as separates melded together in exciting ways.

There was also the levity of Armani's collection that compared to the children's toy. Silks and chiffons floated down the runway and the final looks—glittery dresses and sheer tops—had a truly celestial quality about them.

FRONT ROW: Anna Dello Russo, Serena Williams