Tips on How to be a Successful Stylist

Who is a stylist? A stylist is a professional whose duty is to make sure a person looks aesthetically pleasing, and appear as fashion forward as possible. Who needs a fashion stylist? To be very honest everyone could use a personal stylist. I mean, we all want to look like we have our lives together through our outfits but there some people who need stylist more than others. People who are considered to be public figures need a stylist to keep up their appearance. Those that are considered public figures such as politicians, TV news anchors, celebrities, actors and socialites. In short, the individuals whose outfit choices communicate messages. Fo example, a politician outfit cannot be a leather skirt and thigh-high boots for obvious reasons.

A stylist is one career that has a lot of potential. If you want to start a career in styling, here are a few tips that can guide you through:

1. Look the Part

If you want to be a stylist you will require others to get inspired by you. Clients trust when they see results. If you let your talents show through, it's more trustworthy. People should want to look like you. When you look good your clients can trust you to make them look good. Also since style is more personal taste and preference, the clients you will attract are clients with the same taste as you and you will have an easier time styling them.

2. Good communication skills

A stylist job is very personal. You deal with people directly and in a very intimate relationship. Therefore you need good communication skills to work as a stylist. You should be able to get your customer to feel comfortable around not only you professionally but also as a friend. This will help you create a permanent bond that can help you help gain more customers through word of mouth. Though you need to be friendly with your clients, be careful not to be too friendly, especially celebrities because you may come off as a groupie and this may interfere with the job at hand. Find the right balance.

3. Passion and Dedication

You need to be very passionate about what you do. Be passionate about fashion and also about helping others. This is something that I would say comes naturally if you are sincerely, and love styling. Confidence does build further confidence in your work. it also helps you work with more dedication hence better result.

4. outfits

This is the core of styling, and starts with putting together outfits that are stylish. This will help your customer gain trust in you providing the same for them. Always make sure you source good quality clothes for your clients. When buying especially large items such as winter jackets, shoes, and bags always make sure the quality matches the price.

5. Makeup

This is where most stylists go wrong. Never put makeup on a client if they are not comfortable. Listen to your customer and their needs and preferences. Making your customer feel comfortable is the core business of a stylist. Always use quality makeup and advise them to do the same to protect their skin. Always use good quality makeup brushes to execute your makeup looks. When it comes to eyelashes, get eyelashes that are of the highest quality for your business such as hybrid eyelash extensions.

6. Advise your Clients

Always teach your clients a few styling tricks here and there. Yes, you never want to give away all you "tricks of the trade", but it helps you and your client bond and build trust. These too can help you develop a solid client base and also lead to recommendations to other potential clients. Teach your client how to do a simple makeup routine, tell them how to treat their hair to increase volume and quality, or teach how to put together simple outfits for day to day activities. This will help empower them. And trust me, it feels so good to see your customers strive.

7. Do not be shy

As a stylist you need to put yourself out there. Interact with your clients, other stylists and just try to learn as much as possible. Go parties to attract potential clients or stylists. Ask as many questions as possible, especially to other stylists who are senior you. Mentor others as well. Teaching helps you retain as much as possible.

8. Practice practice practice

Practice as they say makes perfect and there is no doubt the more you practice the better you will be at it. Formal education is good but practice is the only way you will learn directly. Practice helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Remember mistakes are part of the job, don't beat yourself too much about mistake, just learn from them even the great ones also make mistakes.

Being a stylist can be a lot of fun especially if you love it and you are passionate but remember it is a business like any other and you need to treat it as so. Remember to be professional when at work. Establish healthy boundaries between you and your clients. Fashion and makeup evolves really fast and you need to keep up. Always be impart of the learning curve.