Ideas for mixing up your look this year

As we move into 2022, you are probably thinking about making some new year’s resolutions, for instance to get fit or learn a new skill. January is a fantastic time to set goals, as well as to think about who you want to be this year. Part of this is to do with attitude and priorities, but you can also mix up your look at the same time. In fact, changing your appearance can be a great way to change your mindset and help you achieve what you want to this year. Read on for some inspiration!

Pick an aesthetic

Deciding on a new look can be quite overwhelming, and it’s hard to know where to start. One great tactic is to first decide on the sort of aesthetic that you want to embody – once you know that, you can begin to find clothes, hairstyles and accessories to match it. For example, if you’re focusing on your career this year you could opt for a smart business aesthetic. Alternatively, if you’re heading back to college then maybe a preppy look would be more suitable. There are endless possibilities out there, so browse online for ideas and make yourself a mood board for inspiration!

Get a new haircut

A quick and easy way to mix up your look is with a new haircut, and the possibilities for this are very broad. You could try that bold pixie cut you’ve always dreamed of, dye your hair a vibrant new colour (and learn how long you should leave hair dye in your hair), or get extensions for a more feminine look. Be sure to speak with your stylist about your ideas, so you can discuss what will suit your face shape, skin tone and so on. If you’re not confident about making a huge change, you could always start with something less drastic and work your way up.

Get a tattoo or piercing

For those who are feeling brave, taking the plunge and getting a tattoo or piercing is a daring way to mix up your look this year. Piercings are the less painful, quicker and less permanent option, with lots of different styles to choose from. Ear piercings are a classic, with all sorts of variations available. Alternatively, you’re sure to turn heads with lip rings or nose rings. When it comes to tattoos, don’t rush in. Take your time to work with an artist and create a design you truly love, because it will be on your style forever!

Try a new clothing style

Perhaps the easiest way to get a new look is by changing the type of clothes you wear. For instance, if you currently live in jeans, why not trying switching to skirts or dresses? If there’s a style you’ve always loved but never had the confidence to try, now is the time to give it a go. It doesn’t have to mean spending lots of money either – you can often find bargains in thrift stores or on websites such as eBay. You could even try swapping clothes with a friend whose style you have always admired. So be bold and embrace the new you!