4 Trendy Holiday Outfit Ideas for Women

The holiday season is finally here, which means colder weather, festive decorations and plenty of reasons to celebrate. Whether it’s a corporate gathering, an outing with friends before the end of the year or a holiday party in any other form, this time of year is great for showing off your best and most notable outfits. Casual get-togethers are for cute sweaters, boots and stylish leggings or jeans, while fancier occasions call for sparkles, faux furs and your favorite holiday hues.

If you’re feeling uninspired, however, there’s no need to worry. It’s been a long year and sometimes all you need is a little help to get you back into the holiday spirit. No matter what you’re dressing for this time of year, it’s always fun to be festive and maybe even try out a new trend or style. Here are a few trendy holiday outfit ideas that will have you spreading joy and holiday cheer wherever you go.

1. Festive Leggings + Statement Sweater: Kick off the season by bringing all your party pieces to the front of your closet. Within your “holiday ready-to-wear” section, it’s a good idea to include a pair of leggings that are different from your everyday pair. Take things up a notch and wear a pair of faux leather leggings, a suede version or even a trendy pair of velvet leggings. These make any look feel more luxurious and unique. Fun leggings are a super easy way to turn up the trendiness on your holiday outfit and the fitted style will help make your legs look slimmer. Make sure to wear a pair of seamless panties underneath to avoid visible panty lines!

What’s more classic than a holiday-inspired sweater? While this timeless garment has been around for ages, this year’s trends are leaning towards a more simple version of the iconic Christmas sweater. Show your love for the season in a trendy way by pairing your fun leggings with a big comfy sweater that gives a subtle nod to the holidays with sparkly stitching, a winter white hue or some funky fringe.

2. A Signature Holiday Dress: The best part about holiday style is that you can adapt trends and styles to make them your own. This year, give a little TLC to a trendy holiday dress and add a bit of your own personal style. While a tight-fitting little black dress might be a staple for just about every woman around the holidays, yours can stand out in a crowd by making a few simple additions. Underneath your dress, opt for a confidence-boosting body shaper or waist cincher to help define your waist shape and smooth your torso for a contoured and seamless look. For longer dresses or plunging styles, check out the other various styles of shapewear for women.

Additionally, you can turn up the heat with add-ons like translucent tights, knee socks, a mesh turtleneck or a decked-out belt. Create a focal point or statement area using one or more of these (plus accessories, of course!) to refresh your little black dress and incorporate new trends season after season.

3. Sparkles, Please: It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a little glitz, would it? Eye-catching dresses are back this year, and they’re dying to be worn to the next festive party on your list. If you’ve been keeping up with trends this year, you may have noticed a heavier menswear presence in styles that typically include girly shapes and colors. Get the best of both sides by starting with your favorite sparkly holiday mini-dress. Be sure to throw on a pair of shaper shorts underneath to smooth your sides, reduce thigh rubbing and give yourself an added booty lift. From there, add in some styles to counter the femininity of the dress like a dark oversized blazer, chunky boots or thick socks to finish off the look.

4. Rad in Plaid: You’ve probably seen photos of plaid-clad women dressed in head-to-toe holiday plaid lately, which means that festive plaid styles are definitely in demand this holiday season. While an entire plaid look is great for a statement outfit, you can absolutely pull off this trend by wearing one or two plaid pieces. A trendy pleated plaid skirt pairs well with a solid color sweater and boots for a cute day-to-night look. If you’re looking for something a little more comfy-chic, go for a look that includes a pair of classic black leggings, stylish sneakers and a relaxed jacket or blazer in your favorite plaid color combination. Whatever you choose to wear this holiday season, be sure to have fun, get creative and add a bit of your personality to every look!