Busting Some of the Most Common Swimsuit Myths

If you’re planning a trip away to somewhere balmy and temperate this Christmas or New Year or want to start 2022 off with a vacation in warm weather, you’re probably thinking about what kind of swimsuits to pack for your trip.

If you’re like many of us, you’ll want to buy at least one new piece to take away with you. However, it pays to understand some of the most common and long-running myths about swimwear before you shop. Here are the top ones to know.

Women with Small Busts Need Swimsuits with Padding

One of the most pervasive misconceptions out there is that women with small busts should always choose products that give them an extra boost up top, thanks to padding. However, while this is an option you might want to go for if you’re smaller in the breast region, that’s not your only choice to make.

Those with less bust can actually get away with wearing deeper necklines and bustier tops in their swimwear than other ladies because it doesn’t end up so risqué or have as much chance of leading to a wardrobe malfunction. Embrace what you have and enjoy getting to wear more barely-there bathing suits than full-chested ladies.

Big Busted Ladies Should Only Wear One-Pieces

On the other hand, women who have ample assets up top are often advised to stick with only one-piece swimming costumes because they need the support. While breast support is obviously crucial, you can still get this from well-designed two pieces, too, and enjoy flaunting some more skin while you’re at it.

Having a big bust doesn’t mean that you have to be covered up around the waist and elsewhere, either. Instead, when you go shopping for quality bathing suits for women, look for products with extra support and adjustable straps, whether they’re one or two-pieces and no matter the style.

Straight Up and Down Shapes Need Patterns and Ruffles

Ladies with athletic body types frequently get told their best swimwear option is pieces with distinct patterns or the addition of ruffles to make their more straight up and down shape seem more feminine. However, this is not necessary. You don’t need to wear frills if you don’t like them or feel comfortable in clothing that has them added.

For example, create the illusion of more curves by being strategic and opting for bathing suits with sexy cutouts and seaming, instead. Sleek suits can offer you all the interest and oomph you need in a product for your body type.

Bikinis are for the Young and Thin

Another of the most commonly mentioned swimwear myths is that bikinis are for the young and the thin, only, and that women who don’t fit into these categories should steer clear of them. However, don’t listen to this mistruth. Anyone can wear a bikini with confidence because these days, there are all sorts of excellent two-piece options on the market to choose from.

Understand your body shape and what suits it best, and then look for bikinis that work for this. For instance, if you have a larger bustline, look for bralette tops that cover the necessary territory, or if you’re a petite build, you might choose a halter-neck bathing suit top to help make your shoulders appear broader and balance out your shape in turn.

Black is the Most Slimming Color

We’re taught most of our lives that black is the best color to make us look slimmer and, while it can help with this, it’s not the only hue you should consider. When buying a new swimsuit, don’t feel like you have to stick with plain black if you want to give yourself the illusion of being a couple of pounds lighter. You can also wear dark green, gray, navy, brown, plum, olive, and the like to get the flattering look you’re after.

Some of these shades look better on women with gray hair or blondes, brunettes, or redheads, so it’s a matter of testing different options to see what works best with your complexion. Go beyond black to get some of the same slimming benefits but in a way that steps past the ordinary.

Also, keep in mind that the body can often look leaner if swimsuits have tiny prints or vertical and diagonal stripes. Plain black isn’t the only option for making you look and feel slimmer.

Some other myths to be wary of include that more coverage is always better, high-rise bikini bottoms are a must to minimize thicker waists, white bathing suits are too revealing, and you should always buy swimsuits in the same size as your regular clothing. There’s more to buying the right swimwear for you than meets the idea, so keep these misconceptions in mind as you browse.