A Guide to Autumn Fashion Trends

Autumn is well and truly underway, and we have certainly waved goodbye to summer. As a result, our wardrobes may need some rejigging to accommodate the newest fashion trends that Autumn has to offer. Autumn can be a tricky season to navigate in the fashion sphere; it is now too cold for summer dresses, but it is not quite cold enough for thick winter coats. So, where do we stand? What is everyone wearing this Autumn?


Chain necklaces are in right now and it certainly shows from the current stock of retailers like Tateossian. Whether it is a plain, beaded, layered, or pendant chain, everyone who is anyone is wearing a chain this Autumn. The best aspect of chains is their versatility; they can be worn for a fancy meal or a walk in the park. The application of a pretty chain is absolutely limitless.


Knitted jumpers are ideal for those days where it is not quite cold enough for a coat, but it is too chilly for a top alone. Retro prints and bright colors are particularly in when it comes to knitwear ad these are perfect for brightening up those otherwise dreary days. Autumn will inevitably see drizzly and windy weather, making our style absolutely imperative to jazzing up each day.

Floral Prints

Anyone who believes that florals are for spring alone is sorely mistaken because they are flooding the runway as we speak. Like brightly colored jumpers, these florals inject a bit of energy into the occasionally drab autumnal days. Typically speaking, florals on the runway are used to clash slightly with the rest of the ensemble. This is a daring fashion move but if it is not for you, you can also use them to enhance and compliment!

Miniskirt Suits

These matching miniskirt suits are making a return from the nineties, and it is one of the more fortunate comebacks. These co-ords are flattering to all women and make you appear effortlessly put together. They are the perfect balance between glamorous and professional, and even look great with opaque tights on those particularly breezy days.

Co-Ord Loungewear

2020 has resulted in everyone being sick of jogging bottoms; after being confined to our homes for months on end, even our trips to the shop need to convey a fashion statement. Co-ord loungewear is the solution with funky prints that hug your curves, making you look simultaneously comfortable and stylish.

Leather Jackets

Another comeback, throwing us back to the fifties, is the leather jacket. Once again, this is one of the more fortunate fashion returns as they are timelessly trendy. Not only do leather jackets look great, but they manage to keep you warm without being hugely bulky. They are so convenient and, when properly invested in and cared for, last a lifetime.

Neon Colors

There seems to be a recurring theme of wanting to inject color into autumn, and what is not to love about that? These neon colors are another throwback, being reminiscent of the eighties; the era of girls who just wanna have fun! Fun is certainly what these colors bring, and you will undoubtedly steal the show.


Stripes are back! Whether vertical to make you look tall and slim or horizontal to enhance your curves, stripes are the way forward this Autumn. Currently, models on the catwalk are sporting stripes of multiple directions, appearing as walking optical illusions. However, if you are looking for a more subtle look, you can use stripes to uplift an otherwise plain outfit.

What autumn trends are you sure to try this season?