Why Designer Jeans Are Always Trendy

Where would we be without a reliable pair of jeans (or 5) in our wardrobes? As a fashion staple that continues to be relevant throughout the decades, the humble denim jean is an icon thanks to their versatility no matter the outfit purpose. Smart casual at work? Reach for your comfortable yet smart jeans. Out for a casual evening or weekend? Don’t forget your stylish jeans paired with a statement top to impress with, or a comfortable, loose-fitting daytime pair to relax in. There is no end to how to wear jeans and there are many different types to choose from too.

Due to their never-ending popularity, the number of designers having their own take on the classic has steadily increased over the years, meaning you can pick up a pair for a relatively cheap price these days. So, why is it then that designer labels continue to be trendy despite their higher price point?

You Can’t Beat Quality Materials

As the saying goes, quality over quantity, so when it comes to jeans this is especially true. You could choose to purchase a cheaper option of jeans, however, you may end up replacing them much quicker than investing in a designer pair. This is all in the quality of the materials used, with cheaper labels mass-producing their product but at the cost of long-lasting quality. There is a reason why brands such as Agolde jeans, Rains or Frame are worth the investment for their premium product. Whilst on the outside they may seem identical to the bargain brands, it is soon apparent from first touch and wear that the materials used are on another level.

In a world where disposable culture has become normalised, designer brands offer sustainability as well as comfort. Yes, not everyone has a huge denim budget when the time comes to purchase a new pair, however, the costs over time may work out similar or even less expensive when purchasing longer-lasting quality. These brands also offer excitement and sell a lifestyle beyond just a pair of denim jeans, staying thoughtful of their environmental impact and using only innovative fabrics and sustainable processes.

Celebrity Influencers

Another big reason the designer brands stay trendy is by tuning into what their customer base responds to, and with social platforms having a huge influence on buyer behaviour, there is nothing like partnering with the right influencer. Long before Instagram or TikTok became the powerhouses they are, big brands have always used the power of advertising and marketing to sell a lifestyle to consumers, with celebrity endorsements helping to provide a label with gravitas.

Influencer marketing takes it a step further and has a much larger reach to a target market, so when Meghan Markle chose to wear a pair of Mother Denim jeans a few years ago, you can understand why the brand saw huge interest and revenue. If a brand can partner with someone with heavy influence, they turn a product or brand into a trending one quickly.

As long as denim jean designers continue to move with the times and react to consumer purchasing behaviours and innovations, there is no reason why they will not continue to trend across future generations.