5 Modern Technologies That Make Shopping Easier

Shopping has always been a favorite activity for many people. Whether people shop online or in stores, there are so many efficient ways to buy products. However, in the past year, shopping online has become increasingly popular. In fact, 36 percent of U.S consumers are shopping online. Online shopping has always been more convenient, but it's a practice that can hit or miss.

Some consumers find it difficult to purchase products online, but now online shopping has become the go-to way of shopping—creating a whole new world of technology. Because of modern technology, it's so much easier to shop online, as consumers have access to concepts like:

1. Shopping on Social Media 

Shopping on social media is also known as social commerce, and it's essentially where brands market and sell products directly from their social media platforms. Shopping on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest makes it much easier to browse through products quicker and from a more uncomplicated layout.

Social data helps these brands tailor their products to the consumers' interests, so there's a high chance that if people shop on social media, they will find what they are looking for without much of a hassle. Another great thing about shopping on social media is that there's so much style inspiration consumers can pull from different social platforms. Whether it's fashion or furniture, there's always an inspiration.

2. Virtual Try-On

The virtual try-on feature for many eyewear brands is an excellent use of modern technology. For example, consumers can virtually try on glasses with this feature to see how they would look without even stepping a foot out of their house. Virtual try-on takes some of the guesswork and effort out of trying on different items. It's the perfect feature that gives more of the in-store feel and vibe. 

3. Easier Payment Options

Technology has stepped up greatly by implementing easier payment options like Apple Pay, PayPal, and Venmo. These payment systems make it so consumers can make payments via digital components quickly and seamlessly. Gone are the days of people waiting for a check to arrive in the mail because now it's possible to receive invoices digitally. Paying with just one click is one of the most advanced technological aspects of online shopping.

Not only are these systems convenient and automatic, but they also keep consumers' payment information safe and secure, as there's less risk of theft or fraud. With PayPal, for example—which is used by 89 percent of U.S consumers—consumers can pay through an email address, so there's no need to give out credit card details, as these are already securely stored within the PayPal system. 

4. Mobile Devices

Mobile commerce is slowly starting to dominate the online sales world. Companies are starting to properly utilize their website format to suit mobile devices to make it easier for consumers to browse and purchase products from their smartphones. Mobile-friendly websites are much easier to navigate while making them faster to browse. Because the majority of the population own a smartphone, it's a more convenient way to shop.

Not only are mobile devices being used to browse and purchase products, but they're also being used to research the products. Customers can easily read reviews and browse before making their final decision. This is important for companies to take note of because improving websites will make them easier to buy from. 

5. Video Capabilities

Many products are now being showcased through video capabilities because it allows the consumer to view products more clearly while receiving an entertainment aspect to create a more positive shopping experience. Videos make a huge impact on whether the consumer will purchase a product or not. This is because videos tend to show the product more realistically, so the consumer can visualize the product better.

Another benefit to product videos is directly related to explaining functions on more technical products. A high-quality video will let the consumer know exactly how to use these products and give them more reason to purchase.

Online Shopping Has Improved

Going from complex payment forms to advanced video capabilities and virtual try-on features, online shopping technology has vastly improved over the years. Consumers can now shop via social media or their mobile devices and pay with just one click of a button. Modern technology has certainly made online shopping much easier and more convenient for everyone involved.