Tying the Knot in Fashion: A Look at Wedding Fashion

A wedding is one of the most sacred events where two bodies become one and bond together for the rest of their lives. It is every girl's dream to experience this magical event at least once in their lives. Therefore, the thought of a wedding is an exciting event where everybody will get to witness the love and blessings of the two destined souls.

Before this significant event, preparation and planning are some of the biggest considerations. It is a stressful and expensive event where proper planning is necessary to prevent any unwanted possibilities from happening. The arrangement of all the guests, location, theme, budgets, dresses, the flow of events, food, etc., are the following considerations that need to be settled for an organized and successful wedding to happen.

Wedding Theme

A wedding is a lifetime experience that needs to be memorable. One thing that can make your wedding remarkable is to decide for a specific theme that you agree with and resonate with both of your personality. To narrow down the themes, below is the list of possible ideas.

 ●  Classic/Traditional Wedding- a formal wedding perfect for suit, tuxedos, and ballgown style dresses. This option tends to have formal wedding guest dresses, a classic theme reception, and a church wedding consisting of a flower girl, page boys, ushers, junior bridesmaids/groomsmen, and ring bearers.

 ●  Vintage Wedding- this is inspired by the Victorian and '20s or '40s eras. The ambiance will bring you back to the time, along with the incorporation of old furniture, laces, clothes, vintage cars, vintage photo booths, jazz music, and a cocktail party.

 ●  Bohemian Wedding- it has a casual, eye-catching color scheme and elegant vibe. It incorporates an element of nature where the ceremony is held outside with greenery and floral arrangement. It features a sophisticated, fun, and playful vibe of unique prints and color scheme patterns with attractive bridesmaid dresses and a floral embellishment of the guest styles.

 ●  Beach Wedding- it has a relaxed ambiance perfect for beach lover couples. The guests aren't required to wear too formal attire depending on the style they decided. The bride can wear way simpler attire, even a sandal or no shoes at all.

 ●  Garden Wedding- is an outdoor ceremony that you can arrange into a casual or formal dress code. It can be a festive wedding where the event can include outdoor games and a party. At the same time, the reception can be held indoors for formalities in the wedding.

Bridal Dresses

No woman has the same body type. Each woman has their unique body shape and fashion preference. The bride and it's bridal gown is one of the highlights of a wedding. All eyes are on the bride once she walks her way down the aisle. It is during that moment where the bride feels to be the most beautiful girl on that day. Regardless of your body there is always a perfect dress with your perfect body and the list is right down below.

 ●  Petite- given the smaller frame preventing layers and overcrowding the figure is better. A simple A-line style with a higher waistline will lengthen the legs structure. In addition, a simple structured lining will enhance the flatter body frame.

 ●  Hourglass-this body shape has full figures and dipping curves. A mermaid or trumpet style dress will emphasize the shape and curves that want to show off.

 ●  Curvy/Plus Size- this body type has extras in its body shapes. An A-line dress will balance the wider frame. A structured bodice will enhance sleekness and waistline. Considering a halter or scoop neckline will add the definition and shape of the shoulder. 

Wedding Dress Code

Once you receive your wedding invitation, the next thing you will think about is "what to wear?" It might be a little stressful, but following the dress code will guide you on what to wear and where to shop. Of course, the dress code will depend upon the wedding's theme, season, and location. For example, a winter wedding is perfect for suits, wool, blazers, cashmere, tux with bow tie, floor-length gown, and fur shawl to keep you warm.

A summer wedding is for breathable fabrics, a lightweight sundress, flowy and comfortable. A spring wedding is another season where flowers bloom and floral prints, and pastel dresses are perfect for this bright season. Finally, a fall wedding is perfect for maxi dresses, cocktail dresses, dark suits, and sleek jumpsuits.

Outfit Accessories

Clothes will set the elements in you, but your accessories are what completes your entire outfit. A beautiful dress paired with perfect earrings and necklace will set everything together. Your accessories will enhance the look that you want to achieve. For men, a simple wristwatch will add elegance to formal black suit attire. You can be creative in using your accessories in any of your outfits.

Each of us has a different style and taste of fashion, and incorporating fashion in your day-to-day life events will help people remember you. Fashion is not just simply showing off your clothes, but it also shows your personality and creativity. Thus, setting your wedding plan with your desired idea is also a way of introducing yourself to your most special day.