Square Toed Shoes: Should All Men Be Following This Trend?

Oxfords, derbies, brogues, and monk shoes – they all come to mind when we’re thinking about stylish men’s shoes. What doesn’t come to mind though, is a square toed shoe. These shoes topped the trends a few decades back but they didn’t survive for long. However, they’re now coming back with a vengeance.

Impressing with fine craftsmanship and all-around trendiness, these designer shoes may not be something you want to skip. But are they suitable for anyone? Spoiler alert, the answer is yes.

Square Toed Shoes: The Beginnings

Bottega Verde is partially responsible for bringing square toes back in trend. And, many designers are following suit; the newest Rick Owens luxury sneakers feature the same roomy toe box.

Like almost all current fashion trends, these unique shoes have been around for decades. Their profiles were on the wave in the ’80s and ’90s. They were mostly designed for men and seen as very refined, professional, and sophisticated.

This square shape turned into sweeter, rounded silhouettes that have become the norm in formal and business attire.

But - with so much inspiration from previous decades in fashion, it only makes sense that the square shape has come back. Many designers have adopted it for their new collections and, as expected, the focus is on men.

The Shoes Suitable For All Occasions

Formal Events

As mentioned previously, Bottega Veneta leads the trends in the formal department, with a never-ending selection of square toed dress shoes. As you’d expect from an Italian design, their options come in sleek patent leather. Suede options are also available, either from the brand or from Balenciaga. For the winter months, try Prada’s fall/winter squared men’s boots.

When it comes to pairing, your options are endless. Wear a derby version with straight-leg trousers or an oxford with a tux.

Casual Gatherings

Prada and Balenciaga are two names that rock the casual side of men’s squared-off shoes. Try a square-toe boot with a fitted pair of denim. The bold style can make a look feel more “high fashion” and put together just by the abstract toe finish. Burberry and Ferragamo also offer a range of boxy loafers.

Working Out

If you’re looking for something easy to move in, look no further than Balenciaga. Their athletic square toed shoes feature bright colours that boost appeal. However, Balenciaga isn’t the only star that shines bright in this category. Perhaps the biggest surprise comes from Converse, who paired with Rick Owens to create one of the most unexpected athletic shoes of all times.

Essentially a hybrid between casual and tennis shoes, these chunky sneakers feature a square box edge and go straight into the cyberpunk hype. Inspired by apocalyptic darkness, they can satisfy everyone, from raging teens to the suave grownups.

Tried to be forgotten but having made an unexpected comeback, square toed shoes can suit any man. From sleek slip-ons to formal dress shoes, designers around the world have shown us that you can reinterpret and give beauty to even the most improbable trend.