Donna Leah Designs Proves That Confidence is Fashionable at Every Age

In her youth, Donna Leah dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and creating looks that allowed her to express her style. Fast forward to today she is the founder of Miami based Donna Leah Designs, a brand that features easy to wear evening gowns and chic casual looks that bring out the confidence in women of every decade. Each thoughtful creation speaks to the power of timeless design and a desire to be confident and communicate something about yourself through what you are wearing.


On several occasions, Donna Leah has discussed how her captivated fans are not a specific age but are individuals who are secure in who they are and what they want to wear. Donna Leah understands the power of feeling confident and the ability it has on feeling ready to try anything. It is a sentiment that resonates with women around the world and has been growing strong with each season’s new collection.


This feeling especially true at the recent CIFFA (Couture International Fashion Flowers & Art) USA 2021 fashion show titled “Does Age Really Matter? Luxury Haute Couture Fashion Show, Flowers & Art Exhibition” which took place in Boca Raton, Florida. Center stage was Donna Leah herself and a troop of professional well-heeled, fashionable and fabulous models over 50 years-old who embrace being ageless and fearless while encouraging other women to do the same. The event celebrated successful individuals who are inspiring in all that they have accomplished in various professions, ages, and ethnicities.


Donna Leah designs for women who are confident, which often comes at a certain age when you have the wisdom to appreciate who you are. At the show, she commented that it is important to be mindful and make a conscious effort to be yourself. When you wear what you love, it starts the day with a positive energy and a sense of glamour. That positive energy has the power to bring about new opportunities that will enrich one’s life.


A graduate of New York’s famed Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Donna Leah always knew that she wanted to be a designer and it was a proud moment when she launched her brand. Each year, Donna Leah reflects on ways to express her vision. She says that expressing creativity is like a constant stream of ideas that are influenced by art, nature, spirituality, and pushing yourself to trying something new. At the CIFFA-USA runway show, being a model gave Donna Leah the opportunity to trying something new without being afraid, in an effort to drive what she can accomplish as a designer.


The event was a particularly proud moment for Donna Leah because she believes that every child should be able to dream. Her dream of becoming a designer has come true and helping others is a part of her brand’s identity. The CIFFA-USA fashion show benefitted El Puente Home, which is located in Paraguay, and is a temporary residence for Girls that are abused, or their families cannot longer take care of them for legal or financial reasons.