How to Choose the Best Earrings as a Gift

Earrings are among the most precious gifts that you can buy for a loved one. Since ancient times, earrings have been a symbol of womanhood and identity. They make a perfect gift for all occasions, whether you attend a friend's birthday party, a graduation ceremony, or a gift for a blossoming relationship. However, there are many out there which make it challenging to decide on which kind to buy. If you have no idea how to go about it, don't worry, we take you through the main things to consider when choosing the right pair.

Match earrings to face shape

It helps to consider the face shape of the person you are buying the earrings. There are five face shape types, i.e., oval, round, heart, square, narrow, and diamond. Choosing the right earrings for a specific face shape will enhance the person's look and make them classy and fabulous.

For an oval face, triangular earrings or simple studs will work best as they will bring out the cheekbones.

If the face is round, you need to go for earrings that will elongate the face and make it slimmer. Hence, you should go for drop or dangle earrings and avoid button studs and large circular earrings as they will only make the face look rounder.

A heart-shaped face will require earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top. Hence, chandelier or teardrop earrings will come in handy. The idea is to counterbalance the sharp chin.

A square face shape needs earrings that can soften the hard edges. Oval-shaped earrings can do the softening. Also, medium to long earrings with rounded edges, circular and hoop earrings could work well.

Earrings with lots of volumes will work well for a narrow face. Short dangles and pearls are also excellent for this face type as they will help draw the eyes across the face horizontally.

Lastly, a diamond face shape will look classy and fabulous with longer dangly earrings.

Earrings should suit the person's lifestyle

Before you choose earrings as a gift, you need to consider where they will be wearing them. If it's in the office, you need to consider whether the office is conservative; if it is, then conservative earrings will be the thing. You can also opt for bee earrings which are a perfect gift for all occasions.

The person's style and personality should also be at the back of your mind when choosing the earrings. Rounded and curvy earrings will complement the romantic type who dons feminine clothes. Diamond studs and button earrings will do well for the classic types, while the natural ones are content with nothing too shiny or detailed.

Buying the right earrings as a gift requires a lot of consideration. The points we've discussed here will give you a starting point. Other factors to consider would be hair color and skin tone. Most importantly, make sure that the earrings you buy accentuate their look.