Five Pieces Of Jewelry That's Worth Your Investment

Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and every other Cryptocurrency appreciate, so also does jewelry appreciate. You can make brisk money only by buying and reselling a piece of jewelry.

There are lots of things you must consider when you want to purchase a piece of jewelry. You could consider the selection of semi precious stones or any other gemstone. However, one of the most essential things you must consider as an investor is a possibility of it appreciating tangibly in a little while.

The market value of all piece of jewelry doesn't appreciate equally. This explains why it is essential to know which one is most likely to increase in worth, as this will help you make a better decision. In this article, we will review five jewelry pieces that are worth your investment.


Palladium was discovered in 1803. It is regarded as one of the most scarce metals in the universe. It gained prominence during the second world war. It was needed for ammunition's during the war, like many other metals like platinum was used.

Its continuous appreciation in market value cannot be disconnected from the fact that it is very scarce, unlike other precious and semi-precious stones. If you want to make good returns on jewelry, you should consider getting palladium jewelry. It is regarded as the most valuable among other precious metals.


Platinum is another piece of jewelry you can invest in. This precious metal is scarcer than gold. Platinum is a premium quality precious metal that resists wear and tear even after undergoing several manipulations.

This is one of the precious metals you can purchase to assure a significant increase in market value. Often than not, it experiences a consistent review of market value that rarely drops. The magnitude of purity decides the value. Meanwhile, the lowest you would find is around 85%. This means a platinum investment is a treasure chest.


Diamond is probably one of the most prominent precious stone. While most pieces of jewelry made with diamond doesn't often experience upward review in market value. However, they have consistently retained their market value.

This means that the price doesn't depreciate even when you want to resell them. Meanwhile, you must be careful of where you get your diamond jewelry from as many stores sells lab-grown diamond to people. Ensure that you get the quality piece of diamond jewelry to guarantee the same market value when you want to resell them.


If you are conversant with the law of demand and supply, you will understand why gold holds excellent market value. Gold is precious and very prominent. There is an unexplainable desire for every fashion enthusiasts to have gold jewelry.

The continuous demand for gold has given it a sustainable market value. Often than not, it has always retained its market value without experiencing any depreciation.


There is a long age perception that people have about silver. They believe silver is the second most prominent stone after gold. This is because the prize given to any winner is mostly gold while the runner up gets silver.

Silver jewelry has always retained its market value. The value of silver depends on the level of purity. This means getting a piece of silver jewelry is not a bad idea. While you make not make an apparent profit from it, you would not lose a penny either. In most cases, you will get back the exact amount you have invested. It is a proper way of holding money.