Why It’s Time to Start Upcycling Your Wardrobe

For many of us, when our wardrobe starts to feel a little bland and dull, we might be tempted to reach for our favorite online shopping sites or hit the stores for a brand new outfit. However, a lot of us also have a huge amount of unworn clothing lurking at the back, many of which may no longer fit, feel unfashionable, or we’ve simply got tired of. Rather than adding to the mountains of clothing donations given away to thrift stores, it might be time to start getting more inventive with the clothes that you already have and embrace upcycling.

Why it’s time to rethink fashion waste

You might not have thought much about throwing out an old t-shirt that no longer fits or donating a pile of out of style jeans to the Goodwill. However, in recent years, our obsession with shopping has accumulated in one of the biggest contributors to environmental damage – the fashion industry is responsible for producing 92 million tons of waste every year, which causes devastating damage around the world.

Instead of contributing to even more waste, now is the perfect time to embrace the art of upcycling and turning your existing clothes and fabrics into something exciting and new. There are plenty of innovative ways of doing this, from turning beloved tops into t-shirt blankets and so much more. 

Create a new favorite tote 

Cloth tote bags are a brilliantly useful accessory, and you can never have too many. The great news is that they’re also incredibly easy to make, especially out of unworn clothes, such as jersey tees or heavy-weight denim.

Instead of grabbing a brand new cloth bag at the store, or using a single-use plastic bag, take a look through your closet to pick out any unworn pieces that can be turned into a fun and colorful addition to your shopping tote collection. You can find several tutorials and video guides online to help you learn to transform clothes into new creations for every skill level.

Host a clothing swap

If your older clothes are in good condition but not to your personal tastes, they might still appeal to someone else. A great way of reviving your wardrobe is by hosting a clothing swap with friends or in the community. You can invite everyone to bring in items that they may no longer wear and exchange them with others. It’s also a great way to connect with people and even make new friends.

This can be a fun way to find new pieces to wear, as well as clearing out things you no longer love. Of course, when doing a clothing swap, it’s best to set some ground rules – everything should be in clean and wearable condition. As well as being a highly sustainable way of finding new outfits, you might also unearth some vintage gems from the back of someone else’s closet, ready to be given a new lease of life!