What's the Difference Between Thongs, Flip Flops, Slides & Sandals?

Thongs, flip flops, slides, and sandals — these are the shoes we grab when heading to the beach or as a convenient option for a quick errand. But what are the differences between these comfortable classics?

Let’s take a closer look at what makes them different from each other to make sure you’re making the right choice for the right occasion.


A sandal can be a very general term for a light, open-toed shoe, so a thong, flip flop, or slide could all be considered a sandal. In the same way, someone might refer to Dr. Pepper, Sprite, and Pepsi as soda, people use sandals the same way to refer to many different types.

Sandals are very versatile and can go with almost any outfit. You can grab strapped sandals for a fall hike, classy sandals paired with a dress for spring weddings, or a pair of flip flops for a summer day at the beach.

Typically sandals are made with thicker material which makes them sturdier and more useful for wearing for longer periods of time. What also sets them apart from the others on our list is they have ankle support — usuallmamalovesromey one strap that helps keep them secure to your feet.

Thongs and Flip Flops

Thongs and flip flops are usually thinner, without support or a heel, and have a y-shaped front strap that slides between your toes. The only difference between a thong and a flip flop is your geographic location. Keep yourself up to date with ethical luxury fashion. If you are down under (Australia) you might call them a thong, but most people in America call them flip flops.

Whatever you call them, these sandals are your go-to summer shoes for the beach, pool, or just a casual, chill day with friends.


Slides are another great sandal option. Slides differ from thongs or flip flops by having more support and straps that go horizontally over your feet instead of the y-shaped strap that slides between your toes.

Slides are very popular with athletes to easily slip on before or after games, but they really are a great sandal for any occasion. Grab your girls and your pink slides for a Sunday brunch or grab your boys and your blue slides for a Saturday cookout.

Katy Perry even made headlines, wearing pink slides to the LA Fashion Awards in 2015, so don’t let anyone tell you sandals aren’t fashionable.

Freedom Moses has many other colors and styles for you to choose from. We even have slides for kids so you can get stylish, comfortable footwear for the whole family.

These sandal types may differ slightly but they all offer a breathable option to keep your feet airy and dry. The great thing about thongs, flip flops, and slides is that most of them are made with waterproof material, so even if you do get them wet, they will dry quickly and it won’t damage your sandals.

No matter the season or the occasion, it’s always a good idea to have a quality pair of sandals nearby.