Top 5 Trending Abaya Dresses You Must Have

Do you love to try different outfits?

If your answer is ' Yes, 'then you have definitely come to the right place.

In today's blog, I am going to discuss a great over garment known as Abaya. It is one of the most worn outfits by women in Asian countries.

Those who don't have much idea about Abaya dress, let me give you a brief description of this great outfit.

Abaya dress is known for its simplicity and is a traditional wear. It has a different name in different regions, but popularly it's called Aba. Abaya is a long sleeve over garment, usually black in color. Abaya covers the whole body except hands, feet, and face. It is quite a convenient over garment as it can we wear above mostly any outfit.

It is a traditional dress compulsory to wear in Islam. Even though it's a traditional outfit, it doesn't mean it can't be stylish or fashionable. Abaya dress comes in a variety of colors, designs, and shades. Those are long gone time when it was only available in black color.

Worldwide fashion designers have worked to make these outfits fashionable and very stylish, and they have been quite successful. Abaya has a long history of over 4000 years and many types. But don't get overwhelmed; in this blog, we will learn about a few of these superb Abaya available out there.

So let's get started.

1. The Closed Abaya Dress:

This is not a very fashionable dress. It is for simplicity lovers and can be worn in daily life. Not a dress for any big occasion. As the name of this dress suggests, this dress is closed. By this, I mean it does not have any buttons in front of the dress. In this dress, your whole body gets covered, so it does not matter what you wear inside. The dress is traditional and straightforward. This dress is quite convenient as you need to spend your time looking at which pants and top to wear; just get a nice closed Abaya, and you are good to go. This dress is widely used due to its convenience.

What we like in this dress:

- Very comfortable

- Can be worn with most of the outfits.

- No button means no risk of buttons breaking.

What we don't like:

- Moving into this dress can be troublesome.

- Dress is not suitable for women with a newborn as Breastfeeding is not possible in this dress.

2. The Open Button Abaya:

You must have guessed by this dress name only that this dress has buttons. Unlike the closed Abaya dress, this dress has buttons in front. This dress is usually preferred by women with small child's as this dress is breastfeeding friendly.

This dress is quite fashionable and overcomes the downside of closed Abaya. With open button Abaya you need to wear good pants as legs show in this dress. Overall this is a fabulous dress with more styling options available. You can move quite freely in this dress, which makes it better.

What we like in this dress:

- Styling is possible.

- Moving in this dress is comfortable.

- A Breastfeeding friendly dress option for Moms.

What we don't like :

- Button break and falls many times.

- Does not cover legs; you need nice pants with this dress.

3. The Abaya Cardi:

The Cardi Abaya is quite trending nowadays. This is because this dress is very stylish, unlike closed or open button abaya. This dress doesn't have any buttons; instead, it has a belt. With this Abaya, one need to wear a nice top and pant. As this dress is very stylish, it can be worn anywhere, whether it's home or any party. The dress is breastfeeding friendly, unlike closed Abaya. The clothing is quite comfortable, and one can move easily in this dress.

The dress has no button, so no worry of buttons breaking and falling.

Overall this dress is better than an open button and closed Abaya.

The only drawback is that you need nice pants and tops with it as it doesn't hide them.

What we like in this dress:

- Very modern and stylish dress can be worn on any occasion.

- No buttons breaking issue.

- Dress is best suitable for moms who have a newborn baby.

What we don't like:

- -You need a nice top and pants.

4. The Kimono Abaya:

This Abaya is inspired by the Japanese Kimono. The Abaya is no less from another. It is stunning and stylish. It is similar to Cardi Abaya too.

Kimono Abaya does not have buttons. Takes away one worry of buttons falling off. Like Cardi Abaya, this is also breastfeeding friendly and quite comfortable to move in. But with this, you need a top and pant as it is not like a closed Abaya.

You can wear this Abaya at home or on any occasion as its quite beautiful

What do we like about this dress:

- You can easily Brest feed your baby in this dress.

- No need to worry about Button breaking

- Easily movement is possible in this dress.

- Quite modern and can be worn on any occasion.

What we don't like:

- Need to wear the right top and pants as it does not fully cover the body.

5. The Butterfly Abaya:

This is one of the most classy and modern abayas. It's quite comfortable to wear and doesn't block movement. It has extra cloth undersleeves, which create a superior design that looks great. The bottom of the dress can be draped

It can be worn at home and as well as on any occasion. The classy look it has makes is one of the most loved abayas.

The only disadvantage it has is it is not breastfeeding friendly.

Women with small children who require breastfeeding should avoid this Abaya as it could be troublesome.

Overall this Abaya is better than closed Abaya as is give more styling option.

What we like in this dress:

- Modern design and Stylish.

- Very comfortable to wear.

What we don't like:

- Can't breastfeed newborns while wearing this dress.

So these were some of the famous Abaya available out there. I recommend the closed Abaya to those who like a simple dress and if you are more into something stylish, then go for Cardi Abaya. Abaya dress has a long history. They have been part of women's clothing for a long time. Since then, they have been evolving. Fashion designers and many creative artists have been working hard to create new designer Abaya. Today we introduced you to the currently trending and stylish Abaya dress.