9 Fall-Inspired Date Ideas for You and Your S.O.

Seriously, what’s not to love about fall? The crisp, cool air. The beautiful changing leaves. Pumpkin spiced everything. Not to mention all of those seasonal romantic date opportunities.

Whether you’re caught up in the bliss of a new relationship or looking to spice things up with your one and only, fall is the perfect season to cozy up and connect with your significant other on a whole new level. Check out our suggestions of 9 fall-inspired date ideas to help you fall in love all over again this autumn.

1. Go apple picking.

Apple picking is to fall like apple pie is to Thanksgiving: You just can’t truly enjoy one without the other. Take a romantic drive into the country and find a local apple orchard to get your pick-your-own on. Bonus points if they serve hot-out-of-the-oven apple cider donuts you can feed each other beneath those fruit-heavy trees.

What to wear:

Don’t let those crisp fall winds curtail this delicious adventure. Bust out your favorite fall sweater and pair it with some skinny jeans and boots. Accessorize with a vibrantly patterned scarf, and you’ll be more than ready for those Insta-worthy selfies with your love.

2. Enjoy a fall festival.

Channel your inner child and treat your partner to the fun of a fall festival, complete with rides, games and pumpkins galore. Whether you’re stealing kisses in a corn maze or competing to find the biggest pumpkin in the patch, you’re guaranteed to have a good time with the one that makes you smile. 

What to wear:

If ever there were a perfect reason to wear a cute and cozy vest layered over a long-sleeved cotton tee, this would be it. Add your favorite distressed denim jeans and some stylish (but mud-resistant) ankle booties and you’ll be set for a day of childlike festivities with your love. 

3: Scare yourselves silly.

Keep the thrill alive in your relationship this fall by visiting a local haunted house to get your blood pumping. Not to mention all of the cuddling you’ll be doing as you protect each other from those spooky inhabitants that insist on jumping out at you.

What to wear:

The last thing you want is to feel restricted in your clothing as you’re fleeing for your life through a haunted house. Stay comfortable for this date night in a favorite graphic tee and cute flats or sneakers that will help you move with ease (and speed) through this terrifyingly fun evening.

4. Hike to a picnic spot.

Take in the serious beauty of fall foliage together and plan a leisurely hike through the woods. Pack a romantic picnic of some of your tastiest indulgences and enjoy just being together in this big, beautiful world.

What to wear:

This date has athleisure written all over it and you should definitely take advantage. Lean into the romance of comfort with your one and only and break out your cutest and comfiest sweatshirt with leggings for this laidback afternoon. Add a messy bun and some shimmery gloss and you’ll be the cutest hiker he’s ever seen.

5. Spice things up.

As much as we love long, elaborate dates with our loved ones, sometimes all you have time for is a quick (but quality) cup of coffee. Make every minute together count this fall, even if it’s just enjoying a seasonal pumpkin spiced coffee together and sharing a pastry at a local coffee shop before work.

What to wear:

Heck, you could do this date in your pajamas if you’re so inclined. Or dressed in a sassy shift dress if you’re on the way to the office. Whatever you’re wearing, he’ll think you look great.

6. Visit a brewery.

Artisanal beer is on the rise and that means fall-flavored stouts are just waiting for you to try them. Treat your guy to a local brewery tasting tour and see how compatible your tastes really are.

What to wear:

Keep things cool and casual on this date with a cute sweater and jeans. And don’t over-accessorize. A pair of oversized hoops or a colorful scarf tied in your hair is exactly what you’ll need to stand out as the coolest girl in the room.

7. Throw a tailgating party.

If you’re a football fan, then tailgating for your home team is almost as much fun as attending the game itself. Pack a cooler and some blankets and make the most of the pre-game festivities with your #1 fan.

What to wear:

Die-hard sports fans don’t let a little wind chill scare them off from a fun-filled day of tailgating. Bundle up in sweaters, jackets and scarves in your favorite team colors and get ready to cheer from the sidelines in style. 

8. Start a fire.

Cozy up in front of a warm fire after a long day with the one you love. Throw in a favorite rom-com movie and some spiked hot cocoa and you’ll have a relaxing date night to remember (and, hopefully, do again soon).

What to wear:

Slip into something a little more comfortable for this date night and cozy up to your S.O in a favorite pullover hoodie and leggings or joggers. Just remember to keep the cute factor in check. This is still a date night, after all.

9. Spend the night stargazing.

Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and escape with your one and only to a quiet spot with a wide-open sky to get your stargazing on. Impress each other with all of your astrological knowledge—Look, the big dipper!—and have fun wishing upon a star for your happily ever after.

What to wear:

Dress in layers for this evening outing. Think flannel shirts, cozy cardigans and stylish jackets, not to mention lots and lots of comfy blankets to keep you warm as you snuggle close.

Spice It Up in the Fall

When you’re looking for the perfect date night, lean into the romance of fall this autumn and have fun infusing a little extra spice into your relationship. Start shopping today for everything you need to keep your date nights fun, festive and full of fall flair.